Sustainable Pet Brands Biodegradable Toys for Your Fur Friends

Rachel Lark - October 3, 2022

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The choices we make have a large impact on the environment. From the food we eat to the companies we buy our products from — we can either contribute to sustainability or make it worse. That’s what finding sustainable pet brands is important.

Have you ever thought about what your pet’s products do to the planet? From pet toys to doggy bags or litter, these products can leave a huge carbon paw print behind.

In fact, pet food production accounts for 106 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year. With this factor in mind, pet brands are discovering ways to support sustainability by creating products from recyclable and natural materials.

If you’re thinking about going green with your pet’s products, here are eight sustainable pet brands to know and love.

1. Planet Dog

Planet Dog creates eco-friendly dog toys that are durable enough to last longer for playtime. This sustainable pet brand creates all kinds of treat-dispensable, interactive toys your dog will love. 

Whether you love to fetch with your dog or give them treats, you can find a wide range of toys that can withstand heavy chewers. For example, the Orbee-Tuff Snoop toy provides all types of stimulation for your high-energy pup.

Planet Dog’s toys are free from harmful chemicals, allowing you to add treats for long-lasting rewards.

2. Awoo

Awoo is a sustainable pet brand that sells all types of eco-friendly products for your dog. The company even supports the environment by shipping your pet’s products in eco-friendly packaging.

However, Awoo’s products don’t miss out on quality. This pet brand focuses on creating highly-durable products using low-impact materials.

Its signature product is the Infinity Leash — a leash that’s not only designed to walk your dog but allows you to go hands-free with various adjustments.

Plus, Awoo ensures its customers play an active role in sustainability. With its Repawpose program, customers can receive a discount for shipping used products back to its headquarters. So instead of throwing away pet products, the company can recycle the materials for reusable purposes.

3. House Dogge

House Dogge is a black-owned, female-owned small business that creates matching athleisure wear for you and your dog. The former Nike designer, Angela Medlin, not only creates cute clothing in a unique way. She also produces sustainable pet products.

And when it comes time to put them in the wash, you can use an eco-friendly laundry detergent with all-natural ingredients.

House Dogge uses eco-friendly, biodegradable materials with chemical-free fabrics and produces products in small batches.

Small-batch production is great for the environment since it reduces product and production waste. Plus, the brand offers customization on its items, and you can expect full comfort with every article of clothing.

Another thing you’ll love about the brand is that they donate a portion of their sales to various rescues.

4. Litter Maid

Unfortunately, clay litter isn’t biodegradable. Most of it ends up in landfills and will likely stay there forever. Even when you don’t use plastic bags, the clay doesn’t naturally break down and decompose.

However, Litter Maid has come up with a solution to solve this problem. Its premium cat litter is made entirely from inedible walnut shells and corn cob. And the brand guarantees its clumping formula is fast-acting while it traps and eliminates odor from your cat’s waste.

The Litter Maid cat litter also has a low-dust formula, so you don’t have to breathe the stuff in when you change your cat’s litter box. This is one of the most essential sustainable pet brands!

5. The Foggy Dog

The Foggy Dog has pet parents in mind when supplying them with all kinds of products. From beautifully hand-crafted bandanas to toys and leashes — you can find just about anything you need for your fur baby.

The Foggy Dog stuffs its toys with 100% recycled fibers from plastic bottles. In addition, the sustainable pet brand works to minimize waste using repurposed fabric scraps, natural fabric and recycled materials.

What’s more, the company partners with family-owned manufacturing businesses to ensure the people who make its products receive fair wages. Plus, every time you make a purchase, The Foggy Dog will donate half a pound of goods to animal shelters across the country.

6. Cat Cave Co

Cat Cave Co, founded by two siblings who love cats and sustainability — came together to fill the gap with eco-friendly pet products. Their cat caves are 100% eco-friendly pet beds made from soft wool.

Your cat will ultimately love the cat cave as it provides a safe and warm environment for your cat to nap or hide. Plus, you’ll adore the designs, as they’re hand-felted into a unique shape. And they come in all kinds of color combinations.

Cat Cave Co also gives back to their workers by paying them 200% of the average wage and supports women in need with well-paid work.

7. Catit Nuna Cat Kibble

Do good for the planet and your cat by giving them tasty, nutritious food they’ll enjoy. Catit Nuna dry cat food is sourced from insect larvae that grow on human-grade food waste. Insects are naturally packed with protein that felines need to stay healthy.

Another natural source it uses is a mix of chicken or herring for a quality taste your cat will surely love. Furthermore, nutritionists have developed this dry food, meaning your pet will receive all the good ingredients compared to other pet food brands.

All of its ingredients go without the toxic greenhouse gasses and byproduct waste. So you can rest assured knowing that you’re receiving pet food from a high-quality brand.

8. Pooch Paper

Who knows how biodegradable your dog’s plastic poop bags are since they’re typically made from plastic. And all of that plastic ends up in landfills which could take hundreds of years to break down.

Meanwhile, Pooch Paper has found a more eco-friendly solution. The brand offers 100% biodegradable, compostable sheets, allowing you to pick up your dog’s remains.

Surprisingly, the paper leaves no mess on your hands, as it’s large enough to grab the average pile. 

Why Should Dog Toys Be Biodegradable?

Dog owners quickly realize how fast their pups go through toys. Some pets love ripping seams and tearing out stuffing. Others still have puppy teeth and don’t realize how sharp each tooth is.

Buying new dog toys each month funds mass production companies that ship their toys from facilities around the world. Big brands often base their production facilities in countries where they benefit from tax differences or employment laws. Getting their products to consumers via ship or plane requires burning fossil fuels.

Oil isn’t a renewable energy source because the earth doesn’t replenish oil wells due to the complex chemical makeup required to have oil. Every time a dog owner buys a new toy for their pup, that purchase funds the burning of fossil fuels and the continuation of eco-destructive business practices.

You’ll also prevent non-biodegradable garbage from filling your local landfills. When biodegradable alternatives reach the landfill, they’ll decompose to avoid a future overflowing with trash. Your household won’t add to the 300 million tons of waste pouring into landfills yearly.

Best Biodegradable Dog Toys

Get started on revamping your pup’s toy collection by checking out these biodegradable dog toys that will keep them equally entertained.

1. Petlou Eco-Friendly Sloth Plushie

If your dog can’t get enough plush toys, they’ll love the Petlou sloth ball. It’s soft, fuzzy and lined with eco-friendly nylon made with nylon tossed into landfills. The recycled ingredients make it a sustainable toy and biodegradable because of its all-natural yarn ingredients.

2. Becobone Biodegradbale Dog Bone

Rubber typically requires excessive amounts of water and electricity to process, but Becobone dog bones use only natural rubber to create a chewy texture. Your teething dog will love the durable plastic and hollow-lined length that could hide their favorite treats. This toy also comes in all sizes, so even adult dogs who like to chew their toys apart can find a perfectly sized bone for themselves.

3. Sustainable Hemp Dog Ropes

Hemp is a naturally occurring material that’s biodegradable because it’s entirely organic. It’s also an excellent material for rope toys presented by sustainably-minded pet parents. Order a three-in-one pack so your dog can play with whatever shaped rope toy they enjoy. Everyone can have more fun while playing tug of war because you’ll know their toys won’t clog landfills.

4. West Paw Seaflex Dog Chew

West Paw sources all of its plastic from existing ocean pollution before making its dog toy products. The Seaflex dog chew from the same company has a U-shape that’s easy for dogs to carry and catch. It features the durability of traditional dog toys and helps scoop waste out of oceans with each purchase. Recycle it when your dog finishes their playtime to keep it from returning there too.

5. Pet Pizazz Wool Dog Balls

Wool is a biodegradable substance because the main ingredient is keratin. It’s a protein that also forms human hair and naturally breaks down when left to the mercy of weathering and time. Get your dog a pack of Pet Pizazz’ wool balls and swap them out with your household’s existing tennis balls. They have the same bounce and durability while being completely biodegradable.

6. Natural Rubber Dog Toothbrush Toy

Dogs need to brush their teeth just like people, but their owners don’t always have time to do that every day. A natural rubber toothbrush toy accomplishes the same feat using biodegradable natural rubber as the primary ingredient. The tiny bristles will push plaque and buildup away from your pup’s gumlines while they chew on the milk-scented stick. Toss it out when they need a new one and the toy will start decomposing immediately.

Buy Sustainable Toys Your Dog Will Love

Several sustainable pet brands are doing amazing things, and choosing only one is hard. Aside from being eco-friendly, the pet toys and accessories are too adorable. It makes you want to buy them all.

However, you can have a guilt-free conscience knowing your purchases do good for the planet while providing love to your furry companion.

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