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Are you passionate about helping the planet and educating others about sustainability, green living and environmental news? is welcoming contributions from environmental writers! Writer’s Guidelines

Before submitting a pitch to, please read through our guidelines. Any pitches that don’t match’s editorial standards will not be accepted.

Topics of interest to

  • Environmental policy news
  • Renewable energy news and guides
  • Green technology
  • Environmental science updates
  • Wildlife news
  • Green living tips and tricks
  • Agriculture news and tips covers all things planet-oriented. Some topics of particular interest include: Audience’s readers are passionate about helping the environment. Our primary audience is primarily interested in environmental news updates and green living tips.

Tone and Voice’s readers are busy people with 9-5 jobs and other life commitments. As such, articles should be authoritative and well-researched but also approachable.

We also want to help readers feel empowered to make changes in their own lives that could help the planet.

Article Guidelines

  • Articles should be 700-1200 words
  • Breakdown posts into actionable headings and lists, when relevant
  • Include links to relevant and authoritative sources only
  • Include 1-2 links to related articles from
  • reserves the right to edit articles and remove inappropriate or irrelevant links