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The Best Sustainable Cleaning Products

Jane Marsh - June 29, 2022

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Living sustainably helps the planet, but it isn’t always easy. You may have to search high and low for alternatives to chemical products. If you’re looking for the best sustainable cleaning products for your home, consider your search over. These are the best on the market that anyone can fit into their budget.

1. Alpaca Dryer Balls

Fabric softener makes your clothes and sheets extra luxurious, but it comes at a cost. You don’t need chemical products to get the same results. Throw an alpaca dryer ball into your dryer with your next load of laundry. The hair naturally absorbs lingering moisture and prevents static electricity. These dryer balls don’t use essential oils either, so your clothes will remain fragrance-free.

2. Compostable Cleaning Wipes

Standard eco-friendly cleaning products often lack the antibacterial properties of their mainstream competitors. Given that climate change will make pandemics more frequent in the future, every household needs to fight germs and viruses easily.

Seventh Generation makes a compostable cleaning wipe that doesn’t use any harsh chemicals. It still dissolves grime and grease while eliminating viruses or bacteria in your home. Throw each wipe in your compost bin when you finish cleaning to keep your household waste to a minimum.

3. Seventh Generation Recycled Trash Bags

The U.S. creates over 300 million pounds of trash annually, which includes people who try to live sustainably. You’ll always make a minor amount of waste, so it’s wise to add recycled trash bags to your sustainable cleaning product roster.

Seventh Generation makes trash bags with recycled materials. They’ll quickly decompose in landfills after your garbage pickups occur. It’s a more sustainable choice than traditional plastic trash bags, so you’re still minimizing your carbon footprint even while creating waste.

4. Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent

People wash clothes every day for various reasons. They may need to restock their wardrobe for work or clean the clothes for donation at local secondhand stores. Those are both great ways to live a greener lifestyle, but not if your laundry detergent releases chemicals into wastewater runoff.

5. ECOS Hypoallergenic Hand Soap

Wash your hands after your next cleaning spree without worrying about which chemicals are floating down your drain. ECOS makes a hypoallergenic soap that’s environmentally friendly and kind to your skin. It’s also non-drying, so anyone with eczema or sensitive skin can use it comfortably. Enjoy the EPA-recognized product that keeps so many families cleaner on a budget.

6. 9 Elements All-Purpose Cleaner

While you’re looking into the best sustainable cleaning products, try the all-purpose cleaner from 9 Elements. Vinegar is the most powerful ingredient in this cleaning solution, helping it easily remove grime, dirt and even residue left behind by hard water. The lemon scent freshens wherever you need to clean too. Use it on surfaces like granite, laminate and stainless steel to sanitize your home without chemical additives.

7. Eco-Egg Laundry Egg

You can clean your clothes without using tons of detergent with help from an Eco-Egg. The egg-shaped tool combines a small amount of detergent with the mineral pellets it already contains. While the pellets remove dirt from your laundry, the detergent sanitizes them. It’s an easy way to make over 200 loads of laundry more eco-friendly and avoid single-use plastic containers or chemical ingredients.

8. Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

Many people want to purify the air in their houses to remove any potential viruses or allergens. It’s a significant step you can take to make your home a safer environment, so consider placing bamboo charcoal bags in every room. The charcoal naturally detoxifies the air for up to two years before it requires a replacement. Enjoy cleaner air and an odor-free home that doesn’t compromise your eco-friendly lifestyle.

9. Cleancult Dishwasher Pods

Use your dishwasher every day without detergents that utilize abrasive chemicals. Cleancult makes dishwasher pods that have plant-based ingredients. You’ll find that they easily remove grease, oil and even water spots. Sanitize your dishes with help from essential oils, sodium carbonate and enzymes within biodegradable pods.

10. FEBU Swedish Dishcloths

Sanitizing wipes use bleach and other corrosive ingredients to wipe away messes and eliminate bacteria. They’re not eco-friendly, but FEBU’s Swedish Dishcloths can replace them. The clothes have no odor, are biodegradable and safe for all surfaces.

11. Ecolifestyle Bamboo Paper Towels

Paper towels are single-use cleaning products that are handy but wasteful. They destroy trees for a momentary convenience. Replace your paper towels with rolls made from bamboo instead. You’ll still be able to clean your home exactly how you do now, except your single-use towels won’t hurt the planet. Bamboo grows back quickly and doesn’t require much water, so it’s a more sustainable material for paper towels. If you want to reuse bamboo towels, they’re also easy to rinse and dry.

12. Dr. Bronner’s Sustainable Hand Sanitizer

Your roster of cleaning products wouldn’t feel complete without a trusty bottle of hand sanitizer. It’s how you and your loved ones stay healthy after touching shared surfaces and before eating food on the go. Plane’s hand sanitizer has non-GMO ingredients that don’t use toxins or chemicals to eliminate bacteria. The bottle is also recyclable, so you can recycle it if you don’t want to refill it.

Find the Best Sustainable Cleaning Products

These are some of the best sustainable cleaning products anyone can use to stay healthy. Use them to sanitize your home and protect your health without compromising your eco-friendly values. They’re easy to use and fit most budgets, so you don’t have to spend extra cash to minimize your environmental impact.

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