Geothermal Energy Installers New York

geothermal energy new york

Flourishing interest in renewable energy has made New Yorkers seek solutions. High energy bills and environmental awareness call citizens to request services that yield energy independence. The solar sector has supply chain issues and recycling concerns. Wind power isn’t known for being commercially viable for residential homes.

Geothermal energy in New York could lead many residents on the renewable path with an energy source many don’t consider among the highly publicized benefits of solar photovoltaics. What do New Yorkers need to know about this up-and-coming energy source that can save their wallets and minds from the pull of fossil fuels?

Is Geothermal Energy Used in New York?

Geothermal is viable in the state. One of the state’s most notable providers offers heat pumps to 827 zip codes, which is almost half — and that’s only one provider. State and local interest in the energy source will make it spread further alongside the efforts of tenured and budding geothermal installers.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has high hopes to make the state carbon-friendly, and spearheading geothermal is part of that plan. Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy like solar and geothermal can eliminate the state’s reliance on antiquated heating and cooling systems, like energy-intensive boilers and furnaces. Collaboration with his Climate and Sustainability Office, Director of Policy at WE ACT for Environmental Justice, and the Natural Resources Defense Council senior policy analyst are influential and powerful minds in the sector that can advance geothermal in the state.

The state might become inspired by fossil fuel bans which would explode the geothermal sector into a new era.

New York City alone has almost one million residential and commercial buildings that use fossil fuels. Reimagining and retrofitting these builds to obtain compatibility with ground source heat pumps will keep everyone warm in the winter when it absorbs heat from the Earth and cools in the summer when it absorbs heat from the building.

Does New York State Have a Geothermal Energy Credit?

Countless citizens need to know the tax incentives and gifts associated with transitioning to geothermal energy in New York before they can determine if it’s sensible for short-term budgets. If your residence is in New York, and you’re not renting it, you can sign an agreement to purchase or lease geothermal technology.

Luckily, the New York geothermal energy system credit adds up to 25% — up to $5,000 — of a qualified geothermal ground source heat pump. Families that don’t use the entirety of the credit for due tax can use it within the next five years for additional costs.

Citizens can only bank on this opportunity once per year. So, if you want to treat your family to the luxury of geothermal energy, consider spreading out installations or finding alternative methods for funding the projects.

The United States also offers a geothermal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for 30% off a qualifying geothermal system until 2032. However, federal credits may change as legislation changes and regulators pose more environmental initiatives.

Where Are Geothermal Energy Installers in New York?

There are geothermal energy installers all over New York state — here are some of the top names in a little bit of every region.

Lake Country Geothermal in Wayne County, New York, demystifies the world of geothermal by providing customers with a thorough FAQ on their site, helping them determine when it’s the right time to make the switch. The difference between Lake Country and others is their owner designs and certifies all installations, making it a highly personalized experience for customers.

Dailey Geothermal in Penn Yan, New York, offers a full suite of geothermal services alongside helpful information on tax rebates and plenty of financing options to help all types of customer backgrounds. They highlight what criteria people need to hit without making a phone call.

Aztech Geothermal in Ballston has a glowing reputation in their Google reviews for consistent and worthy geothermal installations in Upstate New York. They’re staffed with experienced installers and geologists to get a well-rounded picture of the geothermal transition. They also have an accessible savings calculator for prospective customers to visualize how well their investment will perform.

Dandelion Energy rests in Mount Kisco and is one of the most recognizable names in the business, considering its advocacy to the state government for geothermal adoption. They have an extensive pricing guide with permits and indoor and outdoor costs explained.

Proven Energy Systems has a home in St. Lawrence County in Hammond, NY. They offer free estimates for residential and commercial ground source heat pumps to help people shop around confidently. They show how the installation works and impacts the land around the house, pulling the curtains back on the gritty details of geothermal applications.

What Is New York Doing to Help Geothermal Efforts?

Legislation in the state is becoming more intense. Geothermal providers, like Dandelion Energy, want to drill deeper into the state’s ground for more efficient and widespread geothermal efforts. They argue it will expand access and create more green opportunities for employment for New Yorkers. There is plenty of evidence to support that these initiatives are fruitful for energy and for people.

New York has kickstarted numerous efforts to publicize and normalize the power of geothermal energy. The state is known for NYC’s towering skyscrapers, and it just recently unveiled its first multi-family geothermal apartment building in Coney Island. It promises to reduce energy use by 60% on top of incorporating renewable energy — the pathway to true sustainability. It’s a product of New York’s desire to advocate for geothermal in collaboration with the Community Heat Pump Pilot Program to work toward net-zero emissions.

Other New York buildings embrace geothermal with smartly employed heat pumps and water pipes that reduce a commercial property’s energy expenditure by over 80% in total.

Finally, the state of New York has a tool for citizens to see if their property is eligible for heat pump installation. Providing accessibility tools like this can reduce administrative and research efforts from buyers, as the city generates resources for immediate answers.

Helping Keep Geothermal Energy in New York Alive

The state has started spreading geothermal infrastructure, though most major projects are in metropolitan areas. New York has a diverse landscape and rural regions despite a laser focus on New York City and the capital. However, the push is apparent, and these governmental interests and nonprofit efforts will reflect more access statewide for geothermal energy.

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