Environmental Blog Environmental sustainability has come to the forefront of many people’s minds in the past decade, and with the increasing amount of trash in our landfills and oceans, decreasing air quality and rising global temperature, learning how we can mitigate our effects on the planet is key. In this section, we’ll focus on issues impacting the environment, from agriculture to home gardening and plastic pollution. If you’re looking to learn more about current environmental issues and what steps you can take to help the environment, then keep reading!

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4 Toxic Zero Waste Lifestyle Problems (And How to Fix Them)

Sep 5, 2023 - Jane Marsh

The zero waste lifestyle movement, popularized by eco-conscious YouTube creators and bloggers, became household vocabulary…

solutions to deforestation

8 Solutions to Deforestation Besides Planting More Trees 

Aug 30, 2023 - Rachel Lark

You may have read labels on products boasting the manufacturer’s tree-planting pledge. Replacing these natural…

construction site

The Top 4 Sustainable Construction Materials

Jul 13, 2023 - Steve Russell

Building and construction are one of the most important industries in the world, but they’re…

Why Net-Zero Building is Important

Jun 20, 2023 - Jane Marsh

Environmental issues are becoming more and more prominent as time goes on. Governments worldwide have…

How to Start a Small Vegetable Garden at Home

Jun 19, 2023 - Rachel Lark

Gardening is an excellent way to get in touch with nature, explore a new hobby…


4 Phytoncides Benefits: How Trees Improve Our Health

Feb 24, 2023 - Jane Marsh

Why does it feel so good to be outside? After some time in the sun…

Shinrin-Yoku: The Art of Japanese Forest Bathing

Dec 5, 2022 - Steve Russell

Spreading the importance of being in nature is multipurpose — it helps humans connect to…

Why Plastic Bags Should Be Banned: 5 Reasons

Nov 5, 2022 - Steve Russell

Going to the supermarket shouldn’t cause existential angst. However, witnessing customer after customer thoughtlessly stuff…

is recycling worth it

Is Recycling Worth It? What You Should Know

Nov 3, 2022 - Steve Russell

If you’re a dedicated recycler, you’ve undoubtedly encountered at least one person who said, “Why…

The 7 Most Polluted Bodies of Water in the US 

Nov 2, 2022 - Steve Russell

Do you know that one reason it’s so challenging to measure the impact of climate…

10 Green Tips for Summer

Oct 4, 2022 - Jane Marsh

It’s important to reduce carbon emissions to slow the spread of climate change. But going…

ocean drones

Wind-Powered Ocean Drones and What They Teach Us About the Sea

Jan 17, 2019 - Jane Marsh

Many believe outer space is the next great frontier and that our current trajectory has…

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