dog toys made from recycled plastic bottles

8 Dog Toys Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Steve Russell - September 10, 2023

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Keeping plastic out of the ocean is a noble goal. Putting that waste to good use is even better. Recycling plastic redirects waste from landfills, giving it a second chance at life and making dogs happy in the process. If you’re a pet owner, check out these eight dog toys made from recycled plastic bottles to entertain your four-legged friends and help a great cause. You just might find your pup’s new favorite toy!

1. Spunky Pup Clean Earth Recycled Plush Dog Toys

This soft toy’s design hints at its eco-friendly nature. With the fabric, binding, stuffing, and thread made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, Spunky Pup’s plush keeps waste out of the ocean and landfills. It can also float, allowing your dog to play with it on land or at sea. It features a built-in squeaker to really get your pup excited for playtime. 

The small version of the toy is equivalent to six water bottles. The larger toy removes nine water bottles from the environment. Both versions are fully recyclable, so you can feel good about retiring the plush when your dog has had enough — or chewed it beyond recognition! 

2. Spunky Pup Clean Earth Recycled Stick

Another dog toy made from recycled plastic bottles, Spunky Pup’s recycled stick — part of the company’s Clean Earth lineup — is a tough, heavy-duty chew bone with six concentric rings around it. This USA-made toy keeps eight plastic bottles out of waterways, landfills, and oceans, and it’s fully recyclable. 

Not a fan of squeaky toys? No problem — this chew bone is stone-cold silent. It’s also chicken-flavored to entice your dog to gnaw on it. 

3. Beco Pets Recycled Soft Monkey

In 2018 alone, the U.S. generated almost 300 million tons of waste. Why not redirect some of it to make cloth and stuffing for dog toys? The eco-friendly company Beco Pets does just that. 

For dogs who prefer cuddly toys, Beco Pets’ recycled soft monkey fits the bill. Its cloth and stuffing are made of recycled polyester to encourage the collection and reuse of plastic bottles. It features double-stitched seams and a loud, puncture-proof squeaker for pups who enjoy roughhousing with their toys. 

The medium version is 85% recycled polyester while the large one is 86% polyester. The remainder of the toy contains new polyester.

4. Beco Pets Rough & Tough Recycled Sloth

Does your best friend enjoy a rowdy game of tug-o-war? If so, this recycled sloth toy might be for them. It’s tough enough to withstand hard chewing and rassling during playtime, featuring two ropes and a handle for you to take hold of. 

Beco Pets makes the toy with recycled plastic and cotton to give waste a new lease on life. The stuffing and part of the cloth are recycled polyester, the same material used to make plastic bottles. Every sale of the toy also plants a tree and contributes to protecting Sumatra rainforests and their inhabitants. Surplus funds go toward local community and empowerment and engagement projects. 

5. Cycle Dog Duraplush Carrot

Who says you shouldn’t play with your food? Cycle Dog’s carrot toy features double-stitched turned seams and two-ply bonded laminate for extra durability. This plush veggie is squeaker-free — just like a real carrot! — and handmade in the U.S. It’s also machine washable, so you can throw it in with the rest of your laundry when it starts to get funky. 

Cycle Dog stuffs its toys with recycled filling made of post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

6. Cycle Dog Duraplush Moose

This plush is really four toys in one. It has three removable raindrops your dog can enjoy tearing off again and again, providing endless hours of entertainment. It’s handcrafted in Portland, Oregon with post-consumer recycled materials. 

Does your pup live for shredding toys? This plush doesn’t have stuffing inside, so you won’t find cotton balls trailed across the house when you get back from running errands. Work-from-home pet parents, take note — it’s also squeaker free. There’s nothing like the sound of silence. 

7. Only Natural Pet Mountain Friends Recycled Plush Dog Toys – Gertrude the Goat

Ultra durable, the Mountain Friends lineup from Only Natural Pet features Gertrude the Goat, a tough plush toy with ropes for horns. You can engage in tug-of-war by grabbing the ropes and letting your dog hold the body, or vice versa. The toy has reinforced double stitching to help keep it intact even during rough play. It’s great for chewing, wrestling, and rowdy games of fetch. 

Inside, recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) fill lowers the toy’s carbon footprint and repurposes a material that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Although made from recycled plastic, the material is soft and springy, making it the perfect stuffing for eco-conscious toys. 

8. Only Natural Pet Mountain Friends Recycled Plush Dog Toys – Francis The Fox

This durable plush toy contains 82% post-consumer recycled material in the fabric and stuffing. Its triangular design makes it great for throwing — your dog will have a blast chasing it as it sails through your backyard. Or, your four-legged friend can cuddle up to this soft, overstuffed toy in their bed. 

Francis The Fox has double stitching to help it withstand rough play and enthusiastic chomping. It also has an internal squeaker and crinkly ears to keep your dog interested in chewing on it. At nine inches across and 9.5 inches tall, it’s the perfect mid-sized dog toy for independent play or games of fetch. 

Helping the Earth, One Dog Toy at a Time

If you’re looking to enrich your pet’s life, why not accomplish two things at once and help the environment in the process? Dog toys made from recycled plastic bottles keep waste out of landfills and waterways. They also encourage companies to reuse plastic by creating a market for it. Spunky Pup, Only Natural Pet, Cycle Dog, and Beco Pets make toys with at least some recycled plastic in them, so check out their products for inspiration. 

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