5 Ways To Join the Green Environment Movement

Rachel Lark - November 19, 2022

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You’ve probably noticed we don’t have much time left before we see the worst of global warming. Scientists are telling us that the world must be free of carbon emissions by 2050, or else the damage is done. Instead of depending on other people or the government to take care of the issue for us, you can do something about it as well. If you’re ready to change your habits, there are several ways you can join the green environment movement.

While it might seem like we have a lot of time left — it’s not enough for the whole world to reverse the climate disaster. We, as humans, are responsible for our home planet. And every small action we take can make a big difference if everyone contributes.

1. Become a Member of a Nonprofit

One of the most effective ways to support the green environment movement is by becoming a member of an environmental nonprofit. Today, thousands of green nonprofits exist in the U.S. alone. And they could use your help.

Since nonprofits operate on grants and fundraising, any amount of donations can help significantly. By giving money, you’re helping these organizations get closer to succeeding in their mission.

Another way you can help is by volunteering. Nonprofits typically uphold campaign events where you can add your voice or work for them.

2. Get Involved With Your Community

You can start taking action immediately by getting involved with your community. Is there a center near you that devotes time to becoming greener? If so, you might consider joining them. 

Otherwise, you can take matters into your own hands and start your own green environment movement.

One way you can get involved is by picking up trash along the road. Or, you could start a clean-up day by asking friends and neighbors to join you in cleaning up rivers and parks. 

Consider starting a community garden — a shared space where people gather and grow all types of plants, including:

  • Flowers
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Herbs

You could also volunteer at your local recycling center and contribute your time to making your community greener.

3. Plant Trees

Without trees, we can’t breathe. Our lives depend on them. However, trees do more than help us live. They can offset carbon emissions, provide wildlife habitat and decrease soil erosion. 

Since trees give back to us and our planet, it’s up to you to help them survive. Therefore, this is your opportunity to plant and look after the trees in your community. You could also consider encouraging people you know to join you.

4. Buy From Green Businesses

Certified green businesses work by investing in a program that takes greener initiatives. For example, they reduce waste by reusing and recycling materials, becoming energy efficient and much more.

By purchasing from sustainable businesses, you’re easily contributing to a greener environment. Additionally, it helps if you choose slower shipping methods when you buy goods online. Fast shipping can leave an impact on the environment.

That’s because companies use the “last mile” delivery method, which reduces shipment efficiency — since the delivery truck can’t combine as many orders as possible.

However, choosing a later shipment date helps with consolidation and is what uses fewer resources and drives more efficiency.

5. Teach Others

Consider spreading your message online by starting a blog or social media discussion. Using your voice to educate others teaches them the importance of helping the environment.

You could also volunteer as a teacher and speak to the next generation about the actions they can take to become green. Plenty of organizations also need teachers to help educate people and continue the movement.

If you have kids of your own, it also helps to teach them the proper methods of recycling and reducing waste.

Be Part of the Green Environmental Movement

Remember, every little bit of action you take is one step further to reach the ultimate goal of reducing climate change. There are plenty of ways you can support the environment.

It’s only a matter of time before it’s too late. Yet, you can make a difference with the choices you make.

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