Geothermal Energy Installers in Pennsylvania

Geothermal installers in pennsylvania

Geothermal energy is one of the most sustainable ways to power a building. Its malleability allows it to stand as a viable solo option or work alongside other renewable energy technologies. It’s vital to seek out professionals in the industry to advise if this is the best option for your home.

However, is it sustainable for the planet and the budgets of Pennsylvanians? These are some of the most reputable providers in the state. The cost of installation varies depending on what the customer needs.

Geothermal Energy Installers in Pennsylvania

There are plenty of geothermal installers in PA over the vast state, providing both to smaller communities and the state at large. The number of installers available signifies how functional geothermal energy is for commercial and residential buildings since the ground temperature allows for sufficient heating. Pennsylvanians can also take advantage of the Renewable Energy Program (REP) to finance geothermal and wind projects.

E & D Geothermal serves Latrobe and the surrounding area. They are a GeoPro Master Dealer, designating them as one of the top geothermal dealers in the nation. This certification requires training and evaluation against third-party standards.

Mid-Atlantic Geothermal — supporting south central PA — helps commercial and residential properties with new construction and retrofits. They offer HVAC, heat pumps, and everything in between, including humidifiers. They seek a comprehensive solution to creating a greener home with free estimates. Their evaluations will help determine what the house is capable of supporting.

Creative Energy Distributors is in Lancaster, PA but services the entire state. They have over 30 years of experience under their belt, with a wealth of information on their site available for those new to the geothermal industry, it can brief even the most unfamiliar customer into making a well-informed decision.

Geoenergy LLC has operated for almost 25 years and services Berks, Montgomery, Chester, Schuylkill and Lancaster counties. They offer geothermal and solar power services with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Installing Geothermal Energy in Pennsylvania

Now that we’re aware of the providers, it’s essential to know what they consider when evaluating a home for geothermal installation. All of these aspects of the home could factor into installation and price:

  • House size
  • Available land
  • Existing infrastructure like ductwork
  • Soil composition
  • Location

Other factors unrelated to the home, like current demand and what brand of heat pump the customer chooses, could also cause installation and prices to vary. But if a customer was to get everything installed from scratch, what would that include?

The first is the closed or open loop pipe system — both require different parts. These are a series of pipes connected to the air handler, maintaining home temperature like a traditional system. They install other peripherals at this time, including:

  • Water pumps
  • Drill rig
  • Labor and assembly
  • Onsite prep
  • Piping and wiring

Most of these are included under the federal tax credits in the United States.

Costs of Geothermal Energy in Pennsylvania

Geothermal energy comprises multiple parts to maximize efficiency, including the heat pump and other components. The depth of involvement in the installation will determine the price, causing it to range widely — anywhere between $18,000 and $45,000 for everything.

When looking into geothermal installation in PA, companies do not provide price ranges due to its broad scope and consideration of rebates and tax credits. Every installation is unique.

E & D Geothermal offers more specific numbers, including comparisons to traditional air conditioning and furnace units. They make a case for cost savings even if the unit costs are higher than $25,000, factoring tax credits and longevity into the equation. The switch to geothermal could save households potentially over $46,000 over their lifetime.

Mid-Atlantic Geothermal advertises residents’ financing options, including a timeline of currently-available tax credits for making the clean energy swap. This includes the Clean Energy Credit Union and the National Energy Improvement Fund to offer curated, fixed monthly payments for green initiatives.

Creative Energy Distributors offer free quotes and a calculator to help customers budget according to their needs.

Geoenergy LLC also offers free consultations, informing customers about their options concerning tax incentives and the long-term passive rewards for switching to renewable energy.

If you want to shift to geothermal energy but worry about financing, this is reasonable. It has a high price tag, considering most do not have any preexisting infrastructure. However, it may be the best time in history to buy. With programs, assistance, and incentives, the price tag is slightly misleading since the end price will be far less.

Geothermal Energy in Pennsylvania vs. Solar

If Pennsylvanians want to choose renewable energy, the question is whether solar is more viable than geothermal energy. Ultimately, it all boils down to location and accessibility. If a home does not get adequate exposure to the sun, either because of tree cover or doesn’t face the right direction, geothermal energy may be in a customer’s best interest.

Space is also a significant consideration because geothermal infrastructure is mostly underground, whereas solar panels can take up a considerable amount of space. This is especially true if grounding panels in soil instead of a rooftop.

Geothermal energy can continue to power a home even on dark days. In the northern part of the state, where days are even shorter, geothermal is a worthy consideration. Because geothermal isn’t as weather dependent, cities can work with even larger infrastructure.

Some Pennsylvania cities like Philadelphia want to experiment with incorporating geothermal energy throughout the city. Its outdoor geothermal network could provide jobs while increasing knowledge about the efficacy of geothermal operations on larger scales. The more cities dive into these projects, the more commonplace renewable energy switches will become.

Is Geothermal Energy the Right Choice for Pennsylvanians?

There are plenty of options for geothermal energy in Pennsylvania. With potentially even more businesses available for smaller towns, the accessibility is there because geothermal energy is one of the best renewable energy sources in the state.

Though prices can vary widely, this can help to understand what it includes depending on your unique situation. Plus, the tax incentives are the best they’ve been in history, so the time to consider the switch is now for the best savings.