Geothermal Energy Installers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania is one of the states taking charge of the geothermal energy game. Living in Lancaster is no exception, and the city will influence the rest of the state. Options for geothermal energy installers surround Lancaster citizens, and the city and state are here to encourage geothermal adoption as a viable energy source in the region. Is geothermal installation sustainable against Lancaster’s cost of living, and what can residents expect when the installer knocks on the door?

Can Geothermal Energy Be Used in Pennsylvania?

Geothermal energy is a renewable resource that comes from extracted and reallocated heat the Earth naturally produces. Geothermal energy plants harness that power and redistribute it to homes with the proper infrastructure. Despite the name, it isn’t just for heating — geothermal energy provides electricity households can use for whatever purpose they deem necessary.

Some geographic regions are better for capturing geothermal energy, but everywhere is a candidate if humans construct and plan the plant appropriately. In short, geothermal energy is helpful for Pennsylvanians and citizens worldwide. The plant sends the power into piping that releases into buildings with heat pumps and other infrastructure, making it timeless and efficient.

The beauty of geothermal energy is that it’s constant. Weather events, like cloudy days, can’t stop it from generating power. Even earthquakes aren’t an issue unless it disrupts operations at a plant. But, geothermal energy is stable, which helps the reputation of renewable energy nationwide.

Geothermal Energy Progress in Lancaster, PA

Pennsylvania is helping the transition as the nation primarily focuses on solar panel installations. There is lesser-known governmental assistance from federal and state programs for geothermal energy too. Businesses in Pennsylvania can look into the Renewable Energy Program (REP), which empowers citizens to pursue wind and geothermal projects through loans, grants, and other guarantees.

Lehigh University, a neighboring school to Lancaster, is investing in research and technology for more optimized thermal battery systems. Though geothermal energy installation is essential for adoption, the grid won’t be able to handle the influx of storage solutions and smart tech can’t help keep and distribute it among patrons. Pennsylvania-led advancements like this could impact the entire nation.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) also recently flew over eastern US states and cities, including Lancaster, to inform new mapping technology that could influence more widespread geothermal infrastructure. The revolutionary survey is the first of its kind in almost half a century.

Geothermal Energy Installers in Lancaster, PA

A few installers are local to Lancaster and others throughout the state that services the Lancaster area. Let’s start with who’s in town.

Mid-Atlantic Geothermal serves all of South PA. Like most geothermal energy installers in Lancaster, PA, they offer free estimates so families can dip their toes into the renewable world without making a financial commitment. Mid-Atlantic has a calculator to help families test savings before they even make the call, showing how everything from appliances to insulation plays into how well a new geothermal system will work.

Creative Energy Distributors prioritizes helping new customers learn more about geothermal, even if they don’t commit. Regardless of their knowledge level, they have the resources to start anyone’s renewable energy journey. They also have some of the most experience in the area, operating for over three decades, promising over 80% savings over a traditional HVAC system.

RSC Heating and Air have an aesthetically appealing table outlining their geothermal heating pump options with detailed specs for the most curious environmentalist. How quiet is each model? What are the air coils or compressors made from? How long is each machine’s warranty? Their wealth of information answers every question without even making a call.

Closer to Willow Street, JK Mechanical is another option in the area for supporting local geothermal. Since 1989, they have been installing pumps in backyards. They promise to be the least disruptive as possible during the process, making every building’s transition seamless. Alongside installations, they also provide seasonal maintenance and repairs.

Here are some other Lancaster-based businesses and other PA companies that service the area — but aren’t necessarily local:

  • Geoenergy LLC
  • High-Efficiency Solutions
  • E. H. Williams and Sons
  • Groff’s Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Peris Heating and Cooling
  • Haller Enterprises
  • DiBiase Heating and Cooling

How Much Does Geothermal Cost in Lancaster?

Giving an idea of how much these businesses could charge is a different science. Most of these companies will evaluate the home to determine how much it will cost to fit it with piping or install heaters. Various factors to consider, like the size of the house, energy use, and the home’s foundation, could influence the price drastically. How much will it cost to remove the existing heating system? Will there have to be structural changes that require construction equipment that tear up land?

Most of what Lancaster citizens can go on is the national average against what current incentives are available. Obviously, if households or businesses choose to finance via loan over paying outright, interest is another factor. However, tax credits and other programs could make the national average feel more manageable. Companies should relay any programs to customers to help alleviate the initial price tag.

The average for a geothermal heat pump could be around $12,708 for residential households, but the higher end could surpass $20,000. They range in families choosing an open- or closed-loop system, among other variants. However, the ROI to get that money back because of energy independence will pay for the system in time, but it will be a slow burn.

Normalizing Geothermal Energy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lancaster, and the rest of Pennsylvania, are doing their best to promote sustainable energy. Federal and local initiatives are making geothermal more commonplace, diversifying the nation’s renewable energy portfolio. 

This must keep up because the nation can’t depend on solar for everything, so placing a higher priority on offering other options will make citizens more eco-conscious and aware of their choices. Besides, not every renewable option works for everyone, so geothermal could be the best for those in Lancaster, PA, to try.