Geothermal Energy Installers in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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Geothermal energy has grown increasingly popular amid rising interest in renewables. Although Western states — such as California — currently lead the nation in geothermal power, Pennsylvanians also have reserves right beneath their feet. As such, geothermal energy installers in Harrisburg are jumping at the opportunity to serve residents. 

A Leader in U.S Energy Production

Pennsylvania boasts a long history of energy generation in the United States. Pennsylvania began mining coal in the 1700s, providing energy for the state’s booming industrialization, steel production, and railway developments. In 1997, Pennsylvania mined 73 million tons of coal.

Pennsylvania has come a long way since then, having shifted primarily to natural gas. Today, Pennsylvania is the third-largest producer of natural gas in the U.S., right behind Wyoming and West Virginia. In 2021, Pennsylvania produced 7.6 trillion cubic feet of natural gas derived from the Marcellus Shale.

The Problem With Natural Gas

Natural gas has garnered criticism over the years, mainly due to its extraction process: hydraulic fracturing. Scientists have linked fracking byproducts to various cancers, thyroid problems, a higher risk of congenital disabilities, and reproductive issues. Per an August 2023 report, children living within one mile of a fracking well are at a 5–7 times higher risk of developing lymphoma.

In December 2022, Environmental Health News used a new mapping tool — FracTracker — to uncover waste leakage from eight fracking wells in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. The map showed 23 million gallons of toxic liquid and nearly 30,390 gallons of solid waste seeped from the wells and traveled across 97 locations between 2012 to 2022. 

Tapping Into the Power of Geothermal Energy

Pennsylvania has only breached the surface of geothermal potential. As the state grapples with the environmental, health, and economic fallout from natural gas, geothermal energy delivers a clean energy source and an opportunity to diversify the state’s renewable portfolio.

Currently, several sites use geothermal in Philadelphia. These include the Ronald McDonald House, the city police department, and the German Society of Pennsylvania. The latter is a 20,000-square-foot townhouse constructed in 1829.

Geothermal energy is categorized under “Other Renewables” on the U.S. Energy Information Administration website, having generated 41.3 British thermal units of electricity in Pennsylvania in 2021. 

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University are currently investigating ways to boost geothermal energy by tapping into former oil and gas wells. The groundbreaking study encourages oil and gas companies to help transition Pennsylvania toward cleaner energy.

How Does Geothermal Energy Work?

Geothermal heat pumps work similarly to other types by transferring heat in a loop system to a home or business. What sets geothermal heat pumps apart is they draw heat from the ground instead of the air. 

Geothermal energy installers drill a few feet below the surface where temperatures are consistently around 50° Fahrenheit regardless of the season. When the system is operational, liquid warms underground and flows through tubes to circulate heat throughout your home. 

The Cost of Geothermal Heat Pumps in Harrisburg, PA

The most expensive part of geothermal energy is installing the ground-source heat pump. While you see a return on investment immediately after, the initial cost turns many off. 

Homeowners might spend an average of $32,300 to install a geothermal heating and cooling system. Ultimately the price depends on the type of loop system you buy, the location, the ground conditions, and the system size.

Pennsylvania residents can take advantage of a 30% federal tax credit to offset the costs of geothermal heating if they install a system before January 1, 2033. After that, the tax credit will drop to 26% in 2024 and 22% in 2025.

Geothermal energy installers in Harrisburg may also provide rebates and incentives for geothermal heat pumps. A specialist can walk you through their offerings during a consultation.

Benefits of Installing Geothermal Energy

Geothermal heat pumps might be costly initially, but homeowners can use 61% less energy with an Energy Star-certified model — equal to $830 annually and over $9,500 over the product’s 15-year lifetime.

In addition to cost savings, geothermal is environmentally friendly, generating only one-sixth of the carbon dioxide as natural gas. The systems also have a small footprint of 404 m2 — taking up far less land than coal power stations and solar farms.

Geothermal energy is also available regardless of weather conditions, with a 90% maximum operating capacity for 24-hour run-time. Pennsylvanians can rest assured they have consistent heat even when the power goes out during snow and ice storms.  

Where to Find Geothermal Energy Installers in Harrisburg, PA

There are numerous geothermal energy installers in Harrisburg for homeowners interested in investing in clean residential power. Here are four popular service providers to consider.

HB Home Service Team

HB Home Service Team serves Central Pennsylvania, boasting superior geothermal heating and cooling expertise. 

The company offers residents ClimateMaster geothermal heat pumps starting at $158 monthly. 

Total Heating and Cooling, Inc.

Harrisburg residents are in great hands with the experts at local HVAC company Total Heating and Cooling. Total Heating and Cooling has installed geothermal systems throughout Harrisburg and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. 

To ensure they meet all your needs, specialists will assess your property thoroughly and generate a personalized report with geothermal system recommendations based on their findings. 

G.F. Bowman Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning

Family-owned and operated G.F. Bowman has served the Harrisburg area for 55 years, offering exemplary service and geothermal installation expertise. 

G.F. Bowman assists Harrisburg residents with nearly all environmentally-friendly home energy needs, including routine maintenance. 

Service Oil Company

Service Oil Company is one of Harrisburg’s oldest HVAC service providers, having been in business for over 90 years. Residents can call Service Oil Company for a consultation to determine their geothermal needs. 

As the company states on its website, installing a ground-source heat pump is equivalent to planting 750 trees — but without as much elbow grease. 

Geothermal Opportunities Abound for Harrisburg Residents 

Harrisburg homeowners interested in clean energy should call a geothermal energy provider. As advancements in geothermal technologies progress, now is the perfect time to tap into this environmentally safe and healthier power source.