climate change policies around the world

Climate Change Policies Around the World: 8 Examples

Jane Marsh - February 3, 2021

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There’s no denying that the United States leaves much to be desired in terms of sustainable action. That’s especially true when you look at how many environmental rollbacks President Donald Trump has enacted over the past four years. But all hope isn’t lost, especially when you look at how other countries confront climate change. Here’s a look at climate change policies around the world.

1. Finland

In many ways, Finland is one of the most eco-friendly nations worldwide. This country has worked hard to implement green policies for years. They enacted a sweeping Climate Change Act around five years ago that sets them up to be carbon neutral by 2035.

Their effort makes a difference. Finland continues to have some of the cleanest air globally. They also dedicate resources to increasing renewable energy and protecting forest habitats. As a result, it’s evident that Finland has a commitment to protecting the environment. This sentiment isn’t any different for most other Nordic countries.

2. India

You might think that of all nations with climate change policies around the world, India isn’t at the top of the list. That’s true when you consider how much greenhouse gas they emit. But India has recently made moves to remedy those actions. 

India has a plan to generate almost half of its power through renewable energy by 2030. A nation-wide investment in solar power has made this effort possible. Their goals make them one of the few countries on track to meet their Paris Climate Agreement plan.

3. Denmark

Like other countries in the Nordic region, Denmark has always been at the top of the class concerning climate change legislation. They have a robust strategy that addresses various environmental issues, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing sustainable development actions. This nation also has other ambitious goals. Denmark wants to be completely free of fossil fuels by 2050.

4. Australia

Like the United States, Australia has made some missteps regarding climate change. They won’t meet their 2030 greenhouse gas emissions goals without taking drastic measures. That said, it’s essential to point out that this country is doing many things right. The state of South Australia made a historic decision to ban single-use plastic bags, while Australia as a whole uses more and more clean energy every year.

5. The Gambia

This small West African country isn’t a significant contributor to climate change in any capacity. But the Gambia will still be affected by extreme weather and other challenges related to rising temperatures. Therefore, they need to act — and they have. 

The Gambia aims to save 10,000 hectares of forests throughout the country. They also have a goal to increase their energy consumption in more sustainable ways. Even as a nation without access to significant resources, the Gambia proves to be taking climate change seriously.

In other words, the Gambia is a testament to the possibilities available to combat climate change. If a country with nearly half of its population in poverty can make changes, there’s no excuse for wealthier nations across the globe. We can only learn from them.

6. Canada

It’s not shocking that Canada is high on the list of countries with effective climate change policies around the world. They’re committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% over the next 10 years. Canada also has enacted legislation to protect wildlife ecosystems and build sustainable transportation. That said, like America, they have a long way to go.

7. Morocco

Morocco is another African country making positive changes to protect the environment. They aim to generate over half of their power from renewable energy sources by 2030. A large contributor to this goal will be solar power, as Morocco is home to the world’s largest solar farm in the Sahara Desert.

8. Costa Rica

Costa Rica isn’t a massive country. But that doesn’t mean they’re not making an impact when it comes to climate change. They plan to be carbon neutral by 2050. This goal means putting more resources into renewable energy like hydropower. Additionally, Costa Rica wants to provide more of its citizens with electric cars and restore lands that were once victims of deforestation.

Best Climate Change Policies Around the World

It’s no secret that climate change will be a problem we have to handle for decades. If we want a shot at saving our planet, we need to band together. These countries are leading the pack in terms of climate change legislation. Therefore, we need to look to them to carve the best way forward.

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