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A Roundup of Earth Day 2024

Jane Marsh - April 23, 2018

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Every year, millions of people around the globe celebrate Earth Day. Earth Day 2024 is a chance to soak in all the beauty of the earth while raising awareness of how everyone can help make it a better place. Everyone can work to decrease pollution. Many people come together on Earth Day for this very reason. Everyone wants to make a difference. A large group of people aiming for the same goal makes the impact all the larger.

For Earth Day 2024, plenty of these events were available for people to attend if they wanted to go green. Some might not have known how they could contribute, while others might have already been living a green lifestyle and wanted to help others join the cause. There are lots of different ways that people in all parts of the world can celebrate and help the earth, which makes each event special.

From festivals to parades, people celebrated Earth Day 2024 with the kind of pride that comes along with living on such a beautiful planet. There’s so many reasons to love the earth and give back to it. Check out some of the ways that people came together at Earth Day events. Whether they did something to give back or just tried to learn something new, everyone made a positive impact by attending these events.

Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe celebrated Earth Day all week, ending with the South Earth Day Festival. They informed participants a few “sustainable actions” they could embrace to contribute to the festivities, including practicing zero waste and the Leave No Trace principles. They also recommended celebrators to take sustainable transit. The Tahoe Earth Day Foundation asserted visitors must protect the grounds and respect wildlife so future generations may enjoy the land. 

To celebrate, the festival included activities like Environmental Bingo, film festivals, challenges, trash cleanups, rallies, volunteer activities, and conferences. This is only the tip of the iceberg of the many wonderful festivals celebrated around the world.

Rowan University, New Jersey

Rowan University celebrated with BioBlitz, its Earth Day 2024 tribute event. Its theme this year was everyone’s relationship with water and how it created civilization. The main event was an activity created by Urban Geography students called a “hydrophilic water walk through Rowan Woods.”

The stroll included activating all of the walkers’ senses in nearby nature. They sat in rock circles and watered plants in the area. Visitors reported feeling an enormous sense of peace and happiness.

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

It wouldn’t be an Earth Day without tending to some beaches. The Vineyard Conservation Society decided to spend its day restoring the area to its beautiful glory, gathering litter from its gorgeous sands. It expanded across 28 locations and six towns, bringing in volunteers with gusto. The work was celebrated with music and local cuisine in addition to a commemorative speech acknowledging the land itself.

Central Florida

Plenty of counties in central Florida had varied parties to celebrate Earth Day 2024. In Brevard, they have a Party for the Planet, which hosted workshops at the local zoo. In Marion, the Laly Acres Nursery had a plant sale and festival and an Earthfest, which hosted plenty of outdoorsy activities like rock climbing and yoga. In Orange, citizens had an Earth Day Swap Shop to promote thrifting and circular economic shopping practices.

University of Alabama in Huntsville

The UAH Sustainability Program took a different approach to Earth Day 2024 with a more professional route — conferencing and training. The education taught visitors about how to protect stormwater in addition to new habits they can adopt in their daily lives to become more eco-friendly. The Sustainability Specialists wanted to convey how essential it was to protect local waterways because of how it impacts local flora.

Midland, Michigan

Earth Day Action Expo was in full swing at Dow High, with over 60 exhibitors in attendance teaching the public a variety of topics about the planet. These are only some of the awesome activities spread around the community:

  • Refilling bottles
  • Building bird nests
  • Using and repairing e-bikes
  • Safely interacting with local wildlife
  • Learning how to use microscopes
  • Working with upcycled materials, like plastic yarn


Let’s take a minute to look outside of individual cities to see how the Earth viewed itself on Earth Day. celebrated Earth Day by sharing some of the most impressive satellite images of our planet from the GOES network. Unfortunately, many of us won’t have the chance to see the Blue Marble from space. Thankfully, we have photo evidence of its majesty safely from the ground.

Their images included views of Saharan dust over the Canary Islands, snow cover on the Alps, lightning storms over the eastern U.S., and a super typhoon near Japan. It really puts everything in perspective, demonstrating how large and vast the Earth truly is.

Earth Day 2024 Events and Teachings

That’s why Earth Day 2024 is so important. It makes people come together to really think about how they’re impacting the Earth on a daily basis. People leave Earth Day events more informed so they can make greener decisions in the future. It’s great to celebrate the beauty of Earth, but it’s even better to keep the Earth functioning and looking great all year round by hosting events like these to spread the word and change the world.

This post was updated on April 29, 2024, to provide more current information.

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