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10 Green Tech Blogs You Should Read this Year

Jane Marsh - January 1, 2018

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Getting advice about green technology is tricky in the age of information. Frankly, the sheer amount that’s available can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to know which sources to trust. Some sites do a better job of nailing down the facts than others. If you’re looking for green tech blogs you should read, then check these out. They’re well known for both accuracy and current developments

1. Renewable Energy World

Renewable Energy World was started in 1999 by professionals in the renewable energy field wanting the share their work and passion for the industry. The site provides everything from news and technology innovation to expert interviews and webinars. Whether you work in the energy industry or are looking to stay up-to-date with renewables, Renewable Energy World is at the forefront of industry coverage.

2. Grist

Grist keeps the focus on the environment and people. They’re a well-established blog and have been around since 1999. As a nonprofit, they accept donations to continue writing about clean energy, sustainable food sources, city-wide advances to improve quality of life, and environmental justice. Their ability to combine advances in technology with unbiased political reporting helps give readers a comprehensive image of the challenges the industry is facing.

3. Triple Pundit

The triple topic for this site revolves around people, planet, and profit. Unlike the previous sites, and many of the others on this list, they focus on business just as much as on the environment. One of the biggest boons in that intersection right now, of course, is environmental technology. If you’re looking for short, summary articles, this isn’t the place to go. TriplePundit specializes in longer, in-depth articles that give readers a solid understanding of the topic. Don’t expect a lot of fluff on this site.

4. Treehugger

Treehugger doesn’t focus exclusively on technology but instead aims to be a “one-stop shop” for sustainability. Advancing technology is a big part of that. The blog, which was started in 2004, has been part of making sustainability mainstream. But the team isn’t content to stop with talking points. They want to drive actual change, whether that means introducing new technologies or teaching individuals how to garden.

5. The Energy Collective

Another site where the primary focus is on technology, this site is one place where you can get the most accurate, up to date information possible. The focus for this site is on advances in sustainability, including new fuels, innovations, and the latest advances regarding climate change. Their writers come from all over the globe, giving you a truly international perspective. The most significant part of that is their focus on how different countries are competing with each other to get ahead in the green technology industry.

6. Alternative Energy News

If you’re looking specifically for tech news as it relates to energy, this blog is the perfect niche for you. It was created in 2006 by someone with a passion, but not a background, in green technology. Alex Ramon was a photographer and bicycle mechanic but switched to try and bring people around the world good news. It turns out, he was very successful with it! Choose from over 25 categories to peruse, and find whatever information you’re looking for with absolute ease.

7. Green Biz

The intersection of green technology and business meets in this online blog, which has become well-known in management sectors across many industries. They are primarily a blog, but they also host events for networking and promote research throughout the industry. That gives them some exclusive looks at new technology that could make a big difference for anyone who’s looking to get ahead. Even if you don’t check this blog out daily, it’s one you’ll want on your list of updates.

8. Clean Technica

Clean Technica has won monthly awards for their dedication to clean technology in the past. Their caliber of writing and consistent commitment to finding the best information has put them in the top spot and made them a trusted name. They’ve been focused on green technology including solar, wind, electric, and energy storage. They’re one part of a larger network of blogs, so they have sufficient resources to fact check all of their work and make sure they aren’t misleading anyone.

9. Huffington Post

Huffington Post covers a vast range of topics, including everything from women’s rights to celebrity gossip. They’re widely prominent, and they have an entire section dedicated to sustainability. While some of those aspects may hit on individual elements, many others focus on U.S. and worldwide green technology and sustainability initiatives. You’ll find everything here, from learning how to compost at home to international water safety and hope spots.

10. Alt Energy Magazine

Another all-star focused on green energy and fuel instead of all things sustainable, this site’s work is anything but outdated. Their site not only offers connections to other companies in the green tech industry. It also highlights multiple articles a day about relevant, breaking news. Plus, it’s surprisingly easy to navigate the site, with a focus on content over aesthetic. It’s a niche aspect of the internet, but one that’s sure to appeal to many people who value information and accuracy.

These are just a few of the many sustainability blogs available. There are sure to be some hidden gems that aren’t presented here, but these are some of the best known and best-written options out there. As far as blogs go, green tech blogs are something you should read and be aware of green tech options that are out there to help the climate and help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. Don’t let the new year slip by without adding at least one of these to your reading lists!

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