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Apps to Help You Live a Greener Lifestyle

Jane Marsh - October 30, 2017

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The environment. A debate rages on in society about it. Whichever side you are on, saving the environment is hugely important. Every day, individuals make a choice. They might make an active choice and try and help clean the environment, or they may choose to do nothing. But what if you want to do something? Where do you start? Luckily, there’s an app for that! I’ve compiled a list of five apps to help you live a greener lifestyle.

1. Dropcountr

Do you know how much water you use every day? If not, don’t worry. Most people don’t. It’s easy to lose track of, considering you use water in a variety of tasks and activities every day. From laundry to cooking and using the restroom, water gets consumed. This app tracks your water consumption. It shows you how much you use daily, weekly or even yearly. It’s a fantastic app that will open your eyes to the amount of water you go through. After using it, you’ll probably change your water consumption habits.

2. GoodGuide

Scavenger of cleaning supplies, the app gives you the information you may not have known about the product. It provides you with a wonderful way to figure out how environmentally-friendly the products you buy every day are.

3. Carbon

People want to reduce their carbon footprint. But, what can you do to lower your carbon emissions.? The Carbon app shows you roughly how much carbon you bring into the atmosphere. From there, your objective becomes lowering your score to help the environment. It’s a gamified app, meaning game-like aspects present themselves and make the app more fun than most. Carbon also shows you which power plants you obtain your electricity from, which is a unique feature almost no other app gives you.

4. Oroeco

Eliminating your carbon footprint is impossible at this point. However, you can minimize it by implementing a variety of strategies, and Oroeco is an app that can help you accomplish this. Answering a few questions tells you how you’re impacting climate change. Once you get your score, active strategies appear that show what you can do to improve your score and to minimize your impact on the fluctuating climate.

5. EWG’s Food Scores

You may be wondering what’s in your food. After all, you buy it from so many places that it’s difficult to pinpoint what is going into the production of it. Fear not, as this app appeases these concerns. First off, the app provides you with valuable nutritional information. However, the coolest aspect of the app is the contaminants section. The app tells you the likelihood that your food is contaminated — not with anything particularly nasty, but it does show things like pesticides and hormones. If you like eating pure food, this app may be for you!

Go Green in Simple Ways

Apps can help you in so many ways. And these apps help you live a greener lifestyle. If you care about the environment, try out one, or all of them. You’ll be happy, and the environment will be happy too.

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