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10 Top Homesteading Blogs to Inspire During Social Distancing

Jane Marsh - April 3, 2020

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Social distancing provides the perfect opportunity to look for homesteading inspiration. Wherever you are in your homesteading journey, there are so many resources out there — these are the top homesteading blogs. You may be new to the world of homesteading, and want to explore some basic homesteading skills include gardening, frugality and cooking meals from scratch. Or maybe you are in the process of building an off-grid home and searching for some details on new renewable technology, like solar panels, are playing an important role in transitioning to a more self-sufficient lifestyle. 

Top Homesteading Blogs, No Matter Experience Level

Wherever you find yourself right now, being stuck at home is the ideal time to check out some top homesteading blogs. There are so many wonderful activities to engage in while you practice social distancing, such as preparing your garden beds or foraging wild plants on a family hike. Here are our top homesteading blogs to inspire you during social distancing. 

1. Homesteading

Homesteading is one of the most comprehensive online resources out there for folks interested in self-sufficient living, with articles ranging from food recipes to craftsmanship skills and raising livestock. The website is easily organized into categories, with in-depth information on anything from the basics of homebrewing to raising bees. 

2. Insteading

Insteading is all about promoting choices that are “meaningful, nourishing, sustainable and community-driven.” In addition to an extensive knowledge base on gardening, animals, energy and food, the blog also has incredible resources for homesteaders looking to build a sustainable home. Their green building section has countless pieces on building a tiny home. 

3. Pure Living for Life

Pure Living for Life tells of a young couple trying to build a sustainable home without acquiring debt. Their blog features great conversations on installing solar power on their property and trying out different types of off-grid water systems. 

4. Attainable Sustainable

Attainable Sustainable is the perfect blog for beginning and advanced homesteaders alike. The website features great tips and tricks for starting your self-sustainable journey. It focuses on small steps like cooking dried beans and choosing the proper pantry storage containers. Attainable Sustainable also has a diverse selection of information on specialty fruits. 

5. The Homesteading Hippy

The Homesteading Hippy follows the homesteading journey of Heather and her family, who began their journey to self-reliance in 2006. Their blog posts are honest and funny. They explain the many baby steps taken over years to becoming a homesteading family. In addition to articles on gardening and livestock, the blog also has fascinating information on anything from homeschooling to natural health and money-saving techniques. 

6. A Modern Homestead

A Modern Homestead is run by a husband and wife team who live on $30,000 a year, on purpose. After her husband lost his job, this pair decided to pursue their homesteading dreams. Their posts demonstrate how easy it can be to get started as a homesteader. Even if you’ve never lived on a farm, you can build your own homestead. The blog also has incredible posts on self-sufficiency skills from knitting to saving money on groceries. 

7. The Prairie Homestead 

The Prairie Homestead has been recommended by big names like Buzzfeed, Amazon and People magazine for its expansive coverage of homegrown recipes, DIY health projects and even a podcast. The owner of the blog, Jill, has also written a best-selling cookbook, which includes homestead recipes along with stories from her homesteading journey. 

8. Common Sense Home

The Common Sense Home is a no-nonsense blog sharing stories of how to improve your life and the lives around you by becoming more self-sufficient. If part of your incentive in homesteading is preparing in case of a disaster, there is a whole section devoted to preparedness. Food and drink recipes, like dandelion wine, come with easy to comprehend guidelines and step-by-step directions. 

9. 104 Homestead

104 Homestead is a blog about a single mother of three who homesteads on a five and a half-acre property in Maine. Each article covers resourceful ways of growing your own food, even if you are new to gardening. If you are interested in raising livestock they have information on their experience managing a goat herd.

10. The Easy Homestead

The Easy Homestead is your homesteading best friend for all things in the self-reliance category. The blog takes a holistic approach to life running a homestead. It shares struggles and setbacks as well as a few reasons that they chose to grow their own food.

From Social Distancing to Self-Sufficient from Top Homesteading Blogs

The homesteading lifestyle is all about slowing down and reassessing what is truly important in your life. Social distancing may be difficult at times, but it may also be a chance to think about what is really important. Homesteading blogs can be a wonderful source of community. They can also be a reminder that so many people are choosing to live in a way that resonates with them personally. Wherever you are in your homesteading journey, there are so many wonderful online resources to check out.

If you have always wanted to raise goats, but don’t know where to start, let these stories be your motivation to give it a try. If you want to be more self-sufficient, maybe take this time to try out a couple recipes. Whatever it is, these top 10 homesteading blogs are incredible resources on how to building a life on the land.

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