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5 Tips for Finding the Beauty in Nature

Steve Russell - February 11, 2023

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Have you ever spent several days backpacking through the woods? If so, you know that finding the beauty in nature comes easily when you’re immersed in it. Surrounded by nature, the worries of modern life fall away. You no longer wonder what other people think of you, whether you’ll be able to pay the bills or when your big break will finally arrive. Fresh breezes and birdsong drive away all but the most pressing concerns – finding fresh water and pushing through another day of hiking multiple miles. 

Nature is incredibly beautiful, but many people are too busy or removed from it to notice. That’s unfortunate, because nature is our original environment. Research shows that even seeing nature reduces stress and heightens physical wellbeing. Here are five ways you can reconnect and start to benefit from the beauty of nature again.

  1. Slow Down

Modern culture is big on hustle. However, feelings of stress almost always follow hurry. By contrast, when you slow down, your body and soul are able to breathe. Slowing down is one of the requirements for appreciating nature. Before you can see beauty, you have to stop and look for it. Pay attention whenever you’re outside and practice slowing down your body and brain. 

Beauty has the power to catch your attention and stop you in your tracks. Slowing down gives you the opportunity to feel gratitude for your day and appreciate each activity. Even one moment of appreciation can boost your mood for the whole day. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s essential that you take time to slow down and enjoy the present moment.  

  1. Go Small

Another technique for finding the beauty in nature is by focusing on the details. It’s easy to appreciate the big picture – for example, you may enjoy looking at a landscape. However, you can cultivate wonder and curiosity by looking more closely at the individual pieces of that landscape. Take time to look beneath your feet, notice motion and experience all your senses.  

You will find so much beauty in the details. The more you practice exercising your senses, the easier it will be for you to appreciate a few moments outside. Push yourself to look for beauty across seasons and adverse weather conditions – there is always something interesting and exciting to look at outside.

  1. Look for Patterns

Nature is filled with patterns that explain how we define what is beautiful. For example, many plants and even molecular structures are based on Fibonacci numbers, a sequence of numbers that’s mathematically consistent. When drawn in a diagram, Fibonacci numbers explain why photographers use the rule of thirds and why pleasing spirals are found throughout nature. 

You can also look for symmetry and color distribution in nature. Symmetry usually symbolizes health, while asymmetry can feel exciting and dangerous. Camouflage is extremely fun to study – it’s amazing how well animals fade into a background of leaves, twigs and bark. Nature is a canvas that is always changing, offering different patterns throughout the seasons. 

  1. Learn More

Another tip for finding the beauty in nature is by following your interests. If you know nothing about birds, plants or soil health, you won’t notice the complexities and variety between them. Choose a subject that interests you and spend time learning more about it. Then, take your knowledge outside and look for real-life examples. 

You could study mushrooms, memorize varied bird calls or challenge yourself to learn the Latin names of the tree species in your area. Other interesting topics include recognizing animal tracks, studying soil health or learning about fish species in your local waterways. The more you learn about the natural environment, the more beauty you’ll find there. 

  1. Practice Wonder

Finding the beauty in nature is really a matter of practice. The more you learn to observe and consider what you see in nature, the more you’ll appreciate what you see. The beauty and complexity of the natural world inspire curiosity, wonder and awe – childlike emotions that will fill you with joy and excitement every day.

Many studies have shown a correlation between exposure to nature and an increase in mental and physical well-being. When people are around beautiful things, they’re more relaxed, happier and even experience less pain. Beauty inspires, soothes and leads to gratitude. Although looking for beauty around you may seem extra, it’s an essential part of living a full life.  

Beauty and Perception

Even in the middle of cities, nature offers glimpses of beauty that refresh and inspire. You can train yourself to see and appreciate more of this beauty by slowing down and exercising your observation. Take your time, look closely and you’ll be amazed at the complex beauty that nature has to offer. 

An easy way to start is by looking for patterns. Think about color, texture and shape and how they interact with each other. The more you learn about natural elements, the more you’ll appreciate what you see. Enjoying nature will help you to cultivate wonder, curiosity and joy in your life. 

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