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The Top Sustainable Beauty Brands

Jane Marsh - December 27, 2018

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This is the fifth and final part of our series looking into environmental issues with the beauty industry, areas it’s excelling in sustainability and where we can expect to see sustainability efforts improve in the future. You can find the previous post here. Hope you have enjoyed reading!

You’ve decided to switch to sustainable beauty to benefit your health and the planet we all share. Good for you, eco-warrior!

Followers of this series already know some handy tips and tricks for making your daily beauty routine greener. Still, companies that have already gone the extra mile in implementing sustainable practices deserve some major props and increased patronage (although I’m not an affiliate with any of these brands — just a fan of sustainable companies). Read up on some top sustainable beauty brands that can make your grooming more Earth-friendly.

Good Cubed

Good Cubed boasts 100 percent cruelty-free practices in the manufacturing of its extensive cosmetic and skincare line. Founded by law school sweethearts Zachary and Nicole Barton Elliot, the company’s mission includes taking sustainable beauty out of the niche market and into the mainstream.

Pet parents and lovers will delight in knowing that Good Cubed’s other mission involves stopping animal testing and cruelty. In fact, one percent of all proceeds go to the company’s Rescue and Freedom Project, dedicated to giving homeless animals a new “leash” on life while ending animal testing by cosmetic manufacturers. All Good Cubed products carry the Cruelty Cutter logo, and the majority also pass Leaping Bunny and PETA standards.

Sana Jardin

Sana Jardin bills itself as the world’s premier luxury fragrance line founded upon social consciousness. Their launched its perfume line with a mission to help indigenous women in impoverished areas build economic security and independence through commerce. It teaches its flower growers lifelong financial skills that put women on the path to success.

In addition, Sana Jardin embraces a zero waste philosophy. Perfume byproducts, such as wax and floral-scented waters, get pressed into fragrant candles instead of wasted.

Tata Harper

Tata Harper boasts a full line of beauty and personal care products free from GMOs, toxins, fillers or artificial colors and chemicals. One extra-cool feature of buying Tata Harper? By entering the batch number from your product into the company website, you can trace where all the ingredients came from and how fresh they are.

Earth Tu Face

Founded in 2010, Earth Tu Face offers an entirely plant-based cosmetic line free from synthetic chemicals. The founders remain committed to transparency in the beauty biz, and their formulations are so pure, they won’t harm you even if you accidentally ingest some.

Earth Tu Face refuses to test on animals. The founders test all ingredients and formulations on human skin.

Credo Beauty

No shortage of online natural beauty bargains exists due to companies such as Credo Beauty. Credo offers a number of beauty brands that meet its three-point clean standard. To be featured on the site, brands must first authenticate that their products remain free from harmful chemicals and are never tested on animals.

100% Pure

100% Pure’s concept lies in being less of a brand name and more of a way of life. The company commits to making the world a better place for the people and animals dwelling upon it as much as it commits to producing natural, cruelty-free cosmetics. You can’t go wrong in choosing to do business with a company that builds compassion and kindness into its mission statement. 100% Pure utilizes a nine-step testing process to ensure product quality. It relies on natural materials, such as fruit dyes, in its makeup creation process to formulate everything from mascara to foundation. It offers a complete filler- and chemical-free beauty line.

RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty seeks to minimize the impact of chemical exposure in our daily lives by removing them from our beauty and personal care products. This brand utilizes only raw, organic ingredients to craft its concealer, highlighter and blush. According to its philosophy, using ingredients in their rawest form allows skin to realize the full benefits of the plethora of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients found in whole plants.

Jane Iredale

If you’re seeking a quality mineral foundation that lasts for the long haul while loving your skin, check out Jane Iredale’s collection. Jane Iredale’s formulations remain blissfully free from carcinogenic phthalates and pore-clogging parabens. Jane also carries vegan and gluten-free formulations for anything from eyeshadow to lip liner.

Eminence Organic Skin Care

Eminence Organic Skin Care seeks to transform our world with extraordinary skincare products. The brand also makes charitable giving an important part of its company mission. In its partnership with the environmental charity Forests for the Future, Eminence has already planted over 11 million new trees.

In addition, the Eminence Kid’s Foundation provides organic, locally sourced foods to starving children. Furthermore, the company regularly donates to a number of children’s hospitals as well as the Red Cross.

One Love Organics

Billing itself as “beauty with a heart,” One Love Organics claims the prestigious PETA and ECOCERT labels for being both cruelty-free and sustainable. ECOCERT requires all products bearing its seal to be 100% GMO-free. One Love’s Vitamin C serum gained recent recognition as one of the top five vitamin C serums listed by Truth in Beauty’s anti-aging guru Marta Worhle.

Bringing It All Together

Building any beauty routine takes time, and finding sustainable personal hygiene can feel daunting. However, with this powerhouse list of products to choose from, making the switch to cleansers and cosmetics that leave you glowing naturally simply makes good sense. Here’s to a stunning new you and a clean, healthy, cruelty-free Mother Earth.

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