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The Tesla Cybertruck Problems Causing the Recall

Jane Marsh - May 2, 2024

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Tesla is the original pillar in the EV market, making a name as the most ubiquitous lithium-powered vehicle. It wanted to dive into truck territory with its highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck, yet problems kept setting it back. A recent recall may be the final straw in destroying its hype train, so what is all the fuss about? Discover how Tesla’s Cybertruck garnered media attention and preorders and then swiftly fell the ranks in popularity.

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The 2024 Cybertruck Recall

Tesla wrote a statement dictating Cybertrucks manufactured between November 13, 2023 and April 4, 2024, were subject to a recall affecting the accelerator pad. When drivers put too much pressure on the pad, it gets knocked out of place, endangering drivers. Tesla said it would increase collision risk by causing unintentional stops. 

People should be able to feel a shift in performance, alerting them their car is one of the ones affected. Tesla said drivers should see and hear something off, as well, though checking the VIN before driving any Cybertruck is recommended. 

An unapproved lubricant is the source of the problem, suggesting it was the third-party developer of this product that caused the damage and safety concerns — not Tesla. It is not the first time Tesla has passed the blame to an external party for quality compromises.

The company is taking appointments to fix the issue for free. It promised a total replacement of the assembly if necessary, so the pad and accelerator meet quality standards — though many wonder how this passed in the first place. 

Despite outlining in the recall notice how the repair appointment would go, Tesla appears to be drilling a hole in the car instead to fix the issue in 35 seconds. This user’s experience exposed how Tesla repair workers skipped most of the steps detailed in the repair process. There is not enough information yet on whether this fix is adequate. Thankfully, no reported injuries or deaths are associated with this recall as of April 2024.

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The Cybertruck Market

This recall affected 3,878 Cybertrucks, which is every single unit sold to date. The first one was sold in November 2023 with a price hovering around $100,000, though auctions and other markets are causing fairly large discrepancies. The poor press surrounding the recall caused Tesla stocks to tank, making this market neither enticing or profitable for the EV company. This is after a quarter of falling revenue.

The number of trucks on the market right now pales to their projections for how well the car would sell, and it’s not likely to improve after repeated drawbacks spreading around social media like Tesla’s worst nightmare. People are skeptical of how the Cybertruck hit roads at all, with numerous damaging headlines highlighting manufacturing defects hitting top publications in the last six months.

Other Known Problems with the Tesla Cybertruck

The Cybertruck was supposed to be a modern marvel ― stopping bullets while producing zero carbon emissions is a tall order. The dream may have been just out of reach, considering how many problems people already associated with the Cybertruck before its incriminating recall. Tesla was not only attempting to fix several problems with one of the car’s components — Tesla Cybertruck problems appeared to be all over the car, from the car’s front truck to software glitches.

Aesthetic Deterrent

The first problem drivers discovered was rusting and corrosion after being exposed to the rain — which a next-generation, stainless steel car should be able to handle for a long time before showing signs of wear. 

The car was supposed to be an armored ideal in a world of sustainable cars — how could it keep this promise if it was degrading so quickly? Testimonies from customers stated these shameful spots appeared less than two weeks after owning the vehicle and were resistant to buffing efforts.

Sharp Edges

Too close to this exposé was another fault in the Cybertruck — its deadly frunk. A viral video showed it easily destroying a carrot, which led many to fear what would happen to their appendages if accidentally caught in its path. The exceptionally sharp edge has become worthy of countless memes, yet it doesn’t dismiss how unsafe these corners are. The company is currently working on a solution to this.

Fear of Water

Mixed messaging surrounding how to clean the car was also the butt of several jokes. Drivers wanting to keep their Cybertrucks in pristine condition attempted to take it through a spin at a car wash, only to find the car lifeless for hours after the bath. Customers began digging and discovered the car is not supposed to be washed in sunlight or brought through a car wash, as it will void warranties — even though the car has a Car Wash Mode.

Road Tripping Gone Wrong

Two viral incidents — one labeled a “catastrophic failure” — surfaced in the last few months. The first detailed a family going on a road trip, and the Cybertruck’s steering and brakes gave up with an entire family nestled inside. This caused a stir on social media, as many questioned the safety of putting a toddler in a car so fresh in its prototype stages.

Another video showed this angular beast of a vehicle struggling in the snow when it should have been able to be an off-road car. A software issue is likely to blame for this error, but buyers were concerned that a rival model had to rescue the vehicle from the elements.

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Tesla Cybertruck Problems Likely to Continue

Is this recall in the long list of Tesla Cybertruck problems the inevitable end to its fame? Will it fall into obscurity as a masterful idea with jokingly bad execution? Drivers of new cars should anticipate some manufacturing failures in the first year of its release as the maker tinkers out residual bugs and operational concerns. However, they should not be this plentiful and egregious at this stage in production.

Drivers anticipating a new Cybertruck should keep their eyes peeled on the news for alerts from Tesla as they strive to remedy these mistakes. It’s possible sales will stall after this recall, or avid fans may still hope for Elon Musk to salvage his pet project.

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