Sustainable Pet Products

Sustainable Pet Products That Make Tails Wag

Rachel Lark - February 23, 2023

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There are few things humans wouldn’t do to ensure their pet’s health, safety, and happiness. Today’s pet parents take special care to keep up with their pup’s scheduled vet appointments and spoil them with doggy spa days, luxurious clothes, and premium brands — just to see a few tail wags.

Of course, giving your dog the best life possible doesn’t need to end there. Eco-friendly pet supplies are available to improve our fur babies’ lives even more. Whether searching for compostable poop bags or natural rubber chew toys, this list of sustainable pet products will have your dog begging for you to stock up on some green alternatives. 

Organic Food

Organic pet food is making waves in today’s markets. Current projections indicate an increase of 7.4%, reaching $4 billion by 2032. More specifically, Gen-Z and millennial consumers are willing to spend 20% more to feed their pets sustainably. 

Organic dog food — some labeled human-grade — offers similar benefits as the organic foods humans eat. For instance, organic dog food is also chemical-free — an essential factor considering the cancer-inducing carcinogenic effects of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.  

Dog owners can choose from several healthy options, such as grain-free dry food products made from farm-raised prime meat cuts. Open Farm foods are 100% Certified Humane and exclude wheat, soy, and other additives. The brand is also committed to transparency, allowing purchasers to trace every ingredient to its origins. 

Naturally, every good boy and girl deserves a delicious treat, so why not try Wag’s Expedition Human-Grade Organic Dog Biscuits? These treats are filler-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO, containing all the essential omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B6 to support your pup’s health.

Eco-Friendly Toys

Throw out your dog’s Kong. Pet lifestyle brand Wild One manufactures sustainable, durable alternatives for avid chewers. 

Stick them in the freezer to soothe teething puppies or occupy your dog for hours by shoving an organic treat or peanut butter inside. 

The Wild One Twist Toss Throw is made from 100% natural rubber and is also BPA and phthalate-free. Dog owners can also opt for the Wild One bundle dog toy kit that includes the Twist Toss Throw, Triangle Tug high-pull rope, and Bolt Bite.

Thrifty Dog Beds

The Molly Mutt Dog Bed Cover is not your average dog bed. This product is made from 100% high-quality cotton and finds a way to give your worn and tattered clothes new, meaningful life. 

Rather than drop off your old clothes at a thrift store, stuff them inside your dog’s bed cover to calm and comfort their anxiety with your scent. This Molly Mutt brand always avoids pesticides, phthalates, and flame retardants in its products to ensure optimal pet safety.

NaturoPet’s Natural Dog Bed is another sustainable option made from organic cotton and eco-friendly wool. Machine-washable and designed to withstand the most rambunctious canines, NaturoPet avoids synthetic materials, foams, and fibers in its dog beds. 

Eco-Friendly Grooming Accessories

Pamper your pet at home with eco-friendly grooming products. All dogs will fair well with Bark 2 Basics Oatmeal Dog Shampoo, which uses natural colloidal oatmeal to soothe and hydrate irritated, itchy, sensitive skin. Bark 2 Basics are cruelty-free and handcrafted in the USA, only using natural ingredients sourced worldwide. 

Pet owners might be more familiar with Burt’s Bees product line, which also carries hypoallergenic dog shampoos. Burt’s Bees is a vet-recommended brand that commits to high-quality natural ingredients with pH-balancing properties. 

You should also consider purchasing bamboo products to keep your pup’s teeth and coat shiny and clean. The Prymal Pets Bamboo Dog Toothbrushes are reusable with gentle nylon bristles to remove plaque safely and comfortably. 

Greenbone All-Natural Pet Grooming Brushes are other sustainable pet products made from bamboo and are 100% biodegradable. Whereas it might take 30 years for regular trees to grow back, bamboo replenishes itself in 18 months. 

Poop Bags

Picking up dog poop is so much fun, said no one ever. One of the least enjoyable responsibilities of pet ownership is cleaning up after your furry friend on its walks. However, oddly enough, you might have something to look forward to when bagging your pooch’s poop. 

Pet parents who double as plant parents can buy Doggy Do Good’s Certified Home Compostable Dog Poop Bags for their gardens. There’s no need to worry — these 38% vegetable-based baggies are extra thick to avoid leaks, ensuring that the waste and odors stay locked inside.

In addition to being 100% compostable, Doggy Do Good donates a portion of your poop bag purchases to animal welfare and environmental organizations.

Dog waste is unsanitary for several reasons, but most notable is its capacity to pollute ground and surface water, transmit parasites, and diseases and attract pests. 

Sustainable Pet Products Make the Happiest Pups

There are many product alternatives for you to give your dog a healthier, eco-friendly life. While your loyal companion might love going on the occasional Puppaccino run or relaxing while you give them a massage, they’ll also love the sustainable products you get them.

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