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How to Make Money Farming on Your Homestead

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Homesteading is an enriching lifestyle for anyone who wants to reconnect with nature and enjoy a more self-sufficient way of life. However, running a homestead of any size comes with its own costs. Fortunately, you can offset some of these expenses or bring in a little extra income in several ways. Check out these sixteen ideas for how to make money farming on your homestead.

1. Sell Eggs

Chickens are among the most popular members of any homestead. They’re relatively easy to raise and offer numerous benefits, such as keeping bugs at bay. Chickens also produce eggs — once you’ve enjoyed your share, consider selling them to neighbors or at a farmers market.

You don’t have to stick with just chickens — if you have the space and the initiative, check out some other types of poultry. For example, duck and quail eggs are popular alternatives to chicken eggs.

2. Raising Poultry for Meat

Poultry is good for much more than just eggs. Chicken is a healthy and delicious source of protein. Whether you have exclusively meat chickens or dual-purpose birds that also lay eggs, you can raise birds and sell their meat for a profit.

3. Start a Hatchery

It’s spring and you’re getting ready to welcome hatchlings to your flock — then what? If you don’t want to keep your new birds, consider starting a hatchery and selling baby chicks. Help others get started with their own homestead farms and give your hatchlings a good home.

4. Sell Feathers, Wool and Other Fibers

You can use the animals on your property for more than food. Poultry produce feathers while sheep, goats and alpacas have wool you can sheer and sell to crafters. Even certain rabbit breeds provide thick, soft fiber you can sell to those looking for homegrown yarn or felt.

5. Offer Goat Products

Goats are versatile members of your homestead team. In addition to keeping your property neat and weed-free, goats produce milk you can enjoy at home or sell to others. If you want to take it a step further, turn that milk into goat cheese or goat milk soaps and lotions. 

6. Sell Honey and Beeswax

Bee products are more popular than ever. Raw, local honey is full of antioxidants and can reduce allergy symptoms and improve your immune system. If you start beekeeping, you can sell honey, beeswax or other bee byproducts to people in your community.

7. Provide Manure to Local Farmers

When you raise livestock, you know they create a lot of byproducts — including some smelly ones. You can use their manure in your own garden to help grow produce and flowers. If you want to get rid of the leftovers, sell manure to other farmers or gardeners in the area.

8. Teach Homesteading Classes

You’ve learned a lot about farming, gardening, self-sufficiency and more throughout your time as a homesteader. Why not share that knowledge with others while making some extra money on the side? Teach homesteading classes to others who are interested in this lifestyle. You can help them pick the best breed of chickens to raise or provide a “how to” course on canning or beekeeping. Capitalize on your skills and favorite activities — the possibilities are endless!

9. Grow Fresh Produce

Many people become homesteaders to tend larger and more bountiful gardens. Many fruit and vegetable crops are high-yield, producing more lettuce and tomatoes than you can eat alone. Fortunately, other people want homegrown produce too, even if they don’t have the means to grow it themselves. Sell your produce at a farmers market and everyone will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

10. Sell Canned Goods

It’s called “harvest season” for a reason — it doesn’t last all year long. However, the demand for delicious fruits and vegetables never ends. Canning your goods allows you to eat them at any time, even during the winter months. Sell your canned goods to make more money from your farming initiatives.

11. Rent Out Your Land

You might find yourself with an abundance of land. If you have extra space or you want to take a year off from planting, you can rent out your land to other farmers. They’ll pay you to use your land — and you might be able to negotiate a share of the profits from the crops they ultimately grow and sell.

12. Provide Garden Planning and Design Services

As a homesteader, you’ve probably faced your share of challenges and mistakes. Now you know about the best planting schedules, how to organize your garden’s layout and when fruit or vegetables are ready for harvest. Use what you’ve learned to help others as they plan their gardens.

13. Chop Firewood

Firewood is a hot commodity — no pun intended — but not everyone can cut down their own trees and chop them into firewood. If you have extra wood on your property and feel like getting a nice workout, chop it up and sell the firewood for a profit.

14. Start a Petting Zoo

Kids and adults alike love hanging out with friendly animals, like goats, sheep, llamas, cows, rabbits, chickens and ponies. If you have a lot of animals on your homestead, consider opening your property to the public. They can learn about farm animals and how to take care of and respect them while having fun.

15. Offer Tractor Services

If you’ve invested in a tractor or other farm equipment, you don’t have to limit yourself to your own property. Offer your services to other farmers in the area who don’t have tractors. Your labor is valuable, you’ll get the most out of your investment and you can get some extra cash while you’re at it.

16. Use Your Homestead as a Venue

One of the best parts of having a homestead is its natural beauty — you get to enjoy your lush garden, the sound of chirping birds and clucking chickens, and the literal fruits of your labor. Why not share that beauty with others? If you have the space, consider opening your property to events, like weddings, reunions or photoshoots.

Make Extra Money Farming on Your Homestead

Farming is a demanding yet rewarding way of life. As a homesteader, you have endless options to build the property of your dreams. You can bring in some extra cash with any of these plans for making money farming.

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