Geothermal Energy Installers in Houston, Texas

When a deep freeze or excessive heat wave sends millions of Texans into darkness, you want your house to be safe and operational — with working heating and cooling. As such, more people have called geothermal energy installers in Houston to transition toward a reliable power source. 

Geothermal energy comes from just below the ground’s surface, where the temperature is 45–75° Fahrenheit. Whether a hurricane or an ice storm rolls through, Texans can rest assured they won’t endure power outages. 

Let’s explore why and how the state’s grid is failing homeowners and the benefits and costs of installing a geothermal heating system. Then Houston residents might consider calling local HVAC experts for a quote.

Climate Changes Rocks Texas Power Grid

Texas’s power grid — Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) — is unique because it’s separate from the rest of the U.S. grid system. The state proceeded with its own electricity at the turn of the 20th century to avoid federal regulations on energy companies. Today, ERCOT serves 90% of the state’s population, pulling the rest of its electricity generation from other states.

ERCOT has faced scrutiny in recent years as extreme weather events knocked power out for thousands of Texas. Some were left in dire situations. For example, 10 million Texans suffered outages during the 2021 deep freeze, with damages totaling nearly $130 billion for the state and $150 billion nationwide. Officials also announced 246 people died during the event, two-thirds of which succumbed to hypothermia. 

Summer 2023 has been particularly straining on ERCOT. As Austin has so far grappled with 77 days of triple-digit temperatures, many question whether the state’s grid can withstand the heat. 

Part of the problem is ERCOT’s transmission lines — when they get too hot, electricity moves more slowly and overloads the system. Operators must turn off transmission lines to protect them, which leaves customers in a lurch. 

It doesn’t seem as if ERCOT is a match for climate change. Therefore, Texans must embrace reliable renewables instead. 

Geothermal Exploration Underway in Houston, Texas

Two Houston startup companies are exploring the potential of expanding geothermal power throughout Texas and the U.S. Here’s what they’re digging up in the state.

Fervo Energy

Fervo Energy recently completed a 30-day pilot program for geothermal energy. The project — in collaboration with Google — produced 35 megawatts of electricity. In perspective, it is enough to power 2,625 homes at once.

Fervo’s next attempt will be to replicate the pilot program in Utah. The design should generate 400 megawatts by 2028 to power nearly 300,000 homes.

Sage Energy

Sage Energy is using an abandoned gas well near San Isidro, Texas — along the U.S.-Mexico border. The company — headquartered in Houston — hopes to integrate geothermal energy generation with underground thermal storage. 

Recent findings suggest Sage’s geothermal project competes well with hydropower and lithium-ion battery storage. Even more promising is that they can harness geothermal energy for ERCOT or numerous microgrids throughout Texas. 

Benefits of Residential Geothermal Energy

Reliable power is a prominent perk of geothermal energy. However, there are numerous other benefits of installing a residential geothermal heat pump, including the following:

  • Uses 25–50% less electricity than conventional systems 
  • About 44% more efficient than air-source heat pumps and 72% more efficient than electric resistance heating with a standard AC unit
  • Controls indoor humidity at about 50%
  • Zero noise due to having no outdoor condensing unit
  • Helps reduce utility bills by around 70%
  • Zero combustion gases, carbon monoxide, or toxic fumes
  • Environmentally friendly and improved indoor air quality
  • Life span of 25–50 years

The advantages of geothermal energy are impressive, and homeowners should consider them when adding numbers for installation. 

Costs of Installing a Geothermal Heat Pump

The benefits of installing geothermal energy are well and good, but how much does a heat pump cost? Homeowners often cringe when they see the initial price tag for a geothermal energy system. Many can expect to spend between $15,000 to $35,000 all in. 

However, although expensive, there are ways to offset costs. Thanks to the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), homeowners are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit until January 1, 2033 — applicable to geothermal home energy audits.

Texas received $4.5 billion from the IRA, which officials will distribute toward clean energy home improvement projects through September 2032. A qualified tax expert can help you navigate your eligibility. 

Likewise, geothermal heat pump manufacturers also offer rebates on select equipment. Speak to your HVAC installers to learn how to take advantage of discounts.

Contact Geothermal Energy Installers in Houston

Texans in the Greater Houston area have reliable power sources at their disposal when extreme weather causes blackouts. In fact, several geothermal energy installers in Houston are waiting for your call. Here are four HVAC companies to consider.

Clear the Air Cooling & Heating

Since 1990, Clean the Air Cooling & Heating has provided superior HVAC services to the South Houston community. Its NATE-certified technicians and specialists are adept in geothermal installation and maintenance, offering WaterFurnace Geothermal heat pump systems to meet your household’s energy needs.

GeothermalXperts, Inc.

When Houston homeowners say they want the best for installing geothermal energy units, what they’re really asking for is GeothermalXperts, Inc. GeothermalXperts is a division of Indoor Comfort Specialists, having installed over 5,000 tons of geothermal equipment since 1993 — and they continue to grow. They’re so good at what they do that they’ve become one of the state’s most renowned full-service geothermal installation companies.

Conditioned Air Mechanical HVAC Services

In Sugar Land, just outside Downtown Houston, Conditioned Air Mechanical HVAC Services delivers 50 years of heating and cooling expertise. Technicians will consult with homeowners to determine the best type of geothermal unit and share cost-cutting resources to help them transition affordably. Conditioned Air Mechanical also provides routine maintenance and is available 24 hours daily in case of emergency.

Doctor Home Experts

Customer satisfaction is a priority for Doctor Home Experts, which services Pasadena and Greater Houston. This women-operated HVAC company is focused on conserving energy without compromising at-home comfort. Professionally-trained technicians install and maintain their geothermal units to ensure optimal energy efficiency to meet your needs. They are also available 24 hours a day. 

The Future Is Reliable Power

Texans’ growing concerns about its grid reliability are valid. Climate change is here to stay and we must adapt our electricity systems accordingly. Fortunately for Houston residents, geothermal energy produces a clean, consistent alternative regardless of the weather.