Geothermal Energy Installers in Colorado

The age of renewables marks one of the most exciting eras, with advancing technologies making clean power generation possible for individual residences. As such, geothermal energy installers in Colorado are becoming more widespread as the state jumps ahead with underground energy exploration. 

Residents interested in emissions-free heating and cooling and a lower carbon footprint should consider integrating a geothermal energy system into their heating and cooling mechanism. Here’s everything Colorado homeowners need to know about this impressive power source.

Is Geothermal Energy Available in Colorado?

Geothermal energy exploration has been most prevalent throughout California and Nevada — now Colorado is following suit. The state has set an ambitious goal to eliminate reliance on oil and gas by 2050. To achieve this, officials plan to expand its renewable energy portfolio beyond solar and wind power.

Unlike solar and wind projects, underground geothermal systems have a much smaller footprint and far less environmental impact. This aligns with Colorado’s robust strategies for preventing deforestation and degradation. Likewise, it’ll help fill Colorado’s energy gaps, comprising 80% to 85% solar and wind in the future.

In 2022, a new state law designated $12 million for a geothermal grant program. The Colorado Energy Office intends to allocate $5 million to eligible parties — building owners, local government bodies, start-up companies, contractors, and developers — implementing geothermal projects. The program will emphasize low-income communities first, with $250,000 set aside for geothermal heat pumps at multi-family and residential buildings in those neighborhoods.

Why Switch to Geothermal Energy?

The advantages of geothermal energy are plenty, making it a simple decision to transition to this renewable heating and cooling option. Some of the reasons why you might want to consider geothermal energy for your household include the following:

  • Lowers energy bills by 72% compared to electric heating and air conditioning units
  • Reduces electricity consumption by 25% to 50%
  • Produces zero noise pollution, combustion gases, carbon monoxide, or toxic chemicals
  • Considered more environmentally friendly than conventional models
  • Improves indoor humidity control
  • Has a life span of 25 to 50 years with little maintenance required

With climate change rising, geothermal energy enables people to adopt greener alternatives and lifestyle behaviors to improve the planet. Lower utility costs should also appeal to homeowners.

Land Specifications for Geothermal Energy

Geothermal installers in Colorado look for certain specifications to ensure this underground power source is a viable solution for your household’s energy needs. For instance, land requirements will vary according to the system you use.

Horizontal systems require two four-foot-deep trenches — either two pipes situated parallel to each other, or staggered at four feet and six feet. Vertical systems require holes about 100 to 400 feet deep and 20 feet apart. 

Some systems — particularly open-loop — must have well or surface water access. Furthermore, systems running under a pond must be eight feet deep to avoid freezing pipes.

How Much Does a Geothermal Heat Pump Cost?

Geothermal energy comes with ample savings — yet the initial investment often turns off potential customers. Most people spend between $4,475 and $27,034 for a geothermal heating system — although some units could cost over $50,000.

Ultimately, it depends on the size of the geothermal heat pump, the type of system you use — for example, vertical, horizontal, open-loop, or closed-loop — and labor fees. Land excavation and permits also factor into the hefty price tag.

Tax Incentives and Rebates for Geothermal Systems

Those who want to pursue geothermal systems have opportunities to save money on installation — the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 successfully extended the Residential Clean Energy Tax Credit. Now, homeowners can receive a 30% tax credit for their geothermal projects until January 1, 2033. Afterward, the federal tax credit decreases to 26% and 22% for the following two years.

Some manufacturers also offer rebates on geothermal products. You can inquire with your geothermal contractor about various discounts on equipment. 

Geothermal Energy Installers in Colorado

As the cost of utilities increases, few could blame homeowners for seeking ways to save on heating and cooling. Geothermal energy installers in Colorado are on the rise to meet demand. Depending on where you live in the state, the following companies are available to consult and install an appropriate system.

Colorado Geothermal Drilling

Expert technicians at Colorado Geothermal Drilling have installed 700 geothermal units across residential properties since 2005. The company focuses on geothermal energy specifically, providing mastery of the most advanced geothermal technology and expertise. 

Located in Brighton, Colorado Geothermal Drilling serves Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Aurora, Broomfield, Colorado Springs and other nearby areas.

Bestway Mechanical

Those living in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region should consider Bestway Mechanical for geothermal installations. Bestway prides itself on an expert team in renewables, including geothermal energy, solar power, radiant heating, and retrofitting. 

Interested residents should contact Bestway Mechanical and schedule an appointment with a technician to receive an estimate for a geothermal system.

Major Heating & Air Conditioning

While there are many stand-out geothermal energy installers in Colorado, Major Heating & Air Conditioning stands out for its emphasis on controls. Major’s Control Specialists are experts in designing, installing, and delivering forensics evaluations and automation for lower energy consumption and maximum savings. 

Colorado residents can call Major to schedule a consultation or fill out the online appointment form. In return, they’ll receive a trusted long-term relationship with a reputable installer and service provider. 

Abe Heating and Cooling

Denver Metro residents and others from the surrounding areas can tap into geothermal energy by calling Abe Heating and Cooling. In business since 1997, Abe has provided exemplary consultation, installation, and maintenance to meet your geothermal needs. 

Abe understands the costs of geothermal heating and delivers rebates on Xcel Energy product lines. Customers also have the option to finance their energy projects with monthly payments. 

Paving the Way for Clean Energy in Colorado

Geothermal may still be in its infancy, but Colorado residents can gain first access to clean energy at home while the state explores this power source. Installation companies are ready at the helm to advise you about suitable units and install geothermal heating systems when you are.