Favorite eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas

My Favorite Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

Jane Marsh - December 15, 2017

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Thanks for joining me for Part 2 of this 3-part series on eco-friendly holiday celebration. You can reader Part 1 here.

It’s that time of year again where everyone starts thinking about what they’re going to get for the people they love. Presents have to be thought through, bought and wrapped before people arrive for Christmas. And don’t forget to consider shipping time for those gifts that have to be sent through the mail. This year, choose a theme to base gifts upon rather than stressing over each individual gift.

Buying eco-friendly gifts doesn’t have to mean doing a lot of research. These gifts are easy to think of if you imagine ways you and the ones closest to you can help the earth. Check out some ideas for my favorite eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas, so you can rest easy Christmas morning knowing you’ve done your part to give back to the earth too.

1. Drying Rack

Drying racks are something not many people think about buying unless they’re in college. Not only can drying racks save time and money, but they can also help decrease the energy consumption of a household, which means a family’s carbon footprint can be lightened. Get a drying rack for that person who always talks about how many loads of laundry they do, and they’ll quickly notice an improvement in their finances and concerns for the planet.

2. Reusable Water Bottles

One of the many things people get and forget to replace is a reusable water bottle. They come in all shapes and sizes, which means they can be personalized for everyone. They’re easily refillable and will help reduce the catastrophic plastic pollution growth that’s accumulated over the last few decades.

3. Biodegradable Soap Nuts

Reducing the use of household chemicals is a big way people can be more eco-friendly, and a place chemicals can sneak in is through washing machine detergents. Help a friend or family member skip the next bottle of dyed, soap liquid and use soap nuts instead. They’re compostable and work well to remove things like stains and smells. Plus, you save money by reusing after each wash.

4. Composting Bin

Using a composting bin is something people have to warm up to, but when they’re presented as a gift with a set of instructions, it makes them easy to use. Composting is important for anyone concerned about being eco-friendly because they help minimize the damage effects of landfills, like how they’re the third-largest source of human methane emissions. Try giving a bin to a friend everyone looks up to and see if you can get a trend going.

5. Fabric Shopping Bags

Your friends and family probably have one or two of these lying around the house. Mostly likely they get reusable bags frequently from stores, but it’s for a good reason. Reusing fabric bags keeps plastic bags out of the ocean and paper bags from unnecessary tree depletion. They’re collapsible, eco-friendly and basically the perfect gift for people who grocery shop frequently.

Giving gifts each year for Christmas always presents new challenges that everyone has to overcome. Some people you drift away from and don’t know as well, and some people are out of your daily life entirely, but you still have to get them something. It can feel nearly impossible to figure out what to get the people you love when there’s so much to choose from, so take it easy this year and go with presents that fit an eco-friendly theme.

By giving your loved ones gifts that give back to the earth, you can help minimize carbon footprints without breaking a sweat. Help those closest to you start using refillable water bottles or cloth grocery bags. Anything produced with little impact on the earth and reusable for a considerable amount of time will help the earth while simultaneously helping you check people off your gift list.

Think about the lifestyles your friends and family lead to decide which of the favorite eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas are the right ones for them. Not everyone will want to use the same gift, but they will all love presents that help the world. Have other go-to gifts you love? Share your favorite eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas in the comments below.

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