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Top American Ethical Food Companies You Can Trust

Rachel Lark - February 10, 2023

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The farming and food manufacturing industries are overrun with low-quality products, especially in the United States. They might be cheap and convenient, but most companies irresponsibly process them and are willing to harm the environment for an extra buck. Fortunately, a handful of brands have stood their ground on the environmental front. Here are ten ethical food companies that eco-conscious consumers can trust.

1. Nature’s Path

Nature’s Path is a British Columbia-based food company that produces certified organic foods, namely its popular granola and cereals. Two of its three facilities have earned Zero Waste status, using rain harvesting systems and rooftop gardens that use about 45 percent less energy than traditional farms.

It also has sustainable variety packs, bundles and bulk orders that cut down on shipping costs and emissions. Most of the products are vegan friendly too, so people with a wide range of diet restrictions support Nature’s Path. 

2. Eden Organic

Eden Organic is the United States’ oldest ethical food company. It first opened its doors in Michigan in 1968 as a small Japanese food vendor, and has since expanded to a state-wide organization. You can buy whole grains, dried fruits, spices, herbs, oils, beverages, canned foods and more.

It buys all of its products from local farmers and only accepts non-GMO foods. Its primary manufacturing facility has a gold certification in Leadership in Energy Environmental Design and boxes most of its products with 100% recycled cardboard.

3. NOW Foods

NOW Foods was also founded in 1968 right around the same time as Eden Organic. It even originates from the neighboring state of Illinois, where it has earned four Governor’s Sustainability Awards for water conservation efforts. NOW Foods helps the state save more than 1.3 million gallons of water every year and only uses recycled packaging materials.

This brand is unique among ethical food companies because it specializes in food supplements. You can find essential vitamins, minerals and oil supplements that provide healthy alternatives for people on restrictive diets. There are also sports nutrition and beauty products, so this company is a great all-around supporter of healthy lifestyles.

5. Organic Valley

Organic Valley is a dairy farm from Wisconsin that prides itself on its eco-friendly grazing practices. It keeps the cows on pasture for most of the year instead of just one season, providing them with natural unprocessed diets that benefit that land as well as the animals. Its milk, butter, eggs and cheese consistently rank among the country’s best dairy products.

With 1,687 family-run farms throughout the country, Organic Valley ensures that consumers get the freshest and most nutritious products. These farms are constantly brainstorming and updating their grazing techniques and renewable energy projects. 

5. Lundberg Family Farms

Lundberg Family Farms is another family operation that goes all the way back to 1937. It has an impressive selection of non-GMO organic rice products. It unofficially has the best rice in the state of California and other healthy whole grain snacks, including syrups. 

Lundberg stands out from other ethical food companies for its emphasis on solar and wind energy. More than 20% of its energy comes from these sources, and the company is looking to increase that number. It also engages in community efforts to preserve wildlife, such as sweeping their fields for duck eggs before harvesting.

Support Your Country’s Ethical Food Companies

Americans are some of the unhealthiest people in the world, with sedentary lifestyles and terrible eating habits. Supporting the U.S.’s ethical food companies not only helps the environment, but encourages your fellow citizens to take their own health more seriously. Spark a positive change in your community by switching to these food brands.

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