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10 Best Solar Companies in the U.S.

Jane Marsh - April 7, 2024

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Solar energy is rising worldwide, with nations setting record after record on rooftop installations. It is one of the most accessible forms of green power on the market, with countless financial and labor investments going into its innovation and development. For people wanting to bank on tax credits and cheaper energy bills this year, who should you trust? In no particular order, here are the best solar companies in the U.S.


SunPower is known for its experience. It is one of the oldest companies in the solar sector, which makes it have pros and cons — a high price tag with a long list of credentials. The average cost of SunPower panels compared to others is much higher. It estimates between $2.23 and $9.22 per watt to account for fluctuating markets and federal investments. 

When you buy SunPower panels, you get hardware, inverters, mounting materials, installation, and everything you could ask for with a comprehensive 25-year warranty. Customers have an option between monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels. Their quality is backed by quality and sustainability compliances, including Cradle to Cradle and ISO 9001. Plus, it services 50 states — the most of any other solar company.

Tesla Solar

Tesla is one of the best solar companies because of their panel design. It manufactures its products, and they last a long time. As mentioned previously, Tesla works with Sunrun, which verifies that other solar providers trust them. It also has the Tesla Powerwall, a solar storage solution that makes waves in energy independence and normalizes battery dissemination. 


Consider them if you live in any of the 22 states Sunrun accommodates. Their prices are competitive, and representatives assist you in transporting and reinstalling your panels if you move. If Sunrun is known for anything, it is its variety of leasing and payment options. Here is every way you can pay with Sunrun:

  • Monthly lease
  • Full lease
  • Full purchase
  • Monthly loan

This means more people can access options that others may not receive from other companies. The availability is essential, especially when it has quality panels outsourced from LG and Tesla, known for industry-leading products. 

Freedom Forever

Freedom Forever is a credible, five-star EcoWatch solar business. Even the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners endorses them. It has a working relationship with Sunrun to provide reliable panels and batteries. It is unique in that it does not give customers a warranty. Instead, it provides a guarantee. Freedom Forever claims this carries more gravity than a standard warranty.

Freedom Forever is actively working to become available in more states, mainly because it offers diverse payment options and power purchase agreements. What makes their availability and financing special? It acknowledges that people with lower credit scores also want solar panels, and accepts more customers than competitors.

Momentum Solar

Momentum Solar started in 2009 and is known for its one-to-one customer attention and panel customization. It offers individual experts to customers on a personalized line to provide the most attention compared to any other provider. 

Because of this, the company has top marks from the Better Business Bureau and Solar Panel World. Momentum might be the top choice if you live in the 11 states it is available. It has worked with battery storage provider ENPHASE to expand their business verticals. 

Elevation Solar

Elevation Solar takes a holistic solar installation approach by reviewing the entire home. It does an energy audit and a solar panel evaluation to design the perfect system. Whereas some companies only offer panels and batteries, Elevation also provides insulation and energy monitoring to ensure you use your panels wisely and become more energy-aware.

Solar Energy World

Solar Energy World has the most significant commitment to sustainability with customer ratings that are beyond impressive. It is only available in eight states but expands at a careful and intentional rate. The company has almost a century of broad electrical and roofing experience, reflected in its products. It gives more extended warranties, has more consistent customer service, and helps developing nations transition to renewables.


Palmetto is less known in the solar panel game, but it makes the list of the best solar companies for a reason. It has Qcells panels that embrace transparency. Palmetto follows ethical supply chain practices and collaborates with numerous experts to provide the highest-quality equipment, including:

  • Sonnen for batteries
  • SolarEdge for inverters
  • REC Alpha Pure Black for panels
  • Tesla for batteries
  • ENPHASE for microinverters

Blue Raven

With a BBB rating of A+, Blue Raven has a decade of solar service under its belt. Their financing options are well-known, primarily because it has hefty referral bonuses and a potential $0 upfront cost for a loan. Imagine getting solar panels as quickly as you dream about them.

Regarding equipment protection, the panels have the standard 25-year warranty, but they also provide a separate 10-year labor warranty to ensure their workers do not compromise the legitimacy of panel performance. The equipment monitoring services help keep tabs to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

A Special Mention — ADT Solar

Everyone has seen ADT signs in front yards, making them one of the most well-known names in solar from word-of-mouth and good advertising alone. In January 2024, ADT announced it was no longer in the residential solar panel business. 

At one point, ADT was a notable installer with a solid reputation and great products after acquiring Sunpro Solar. The entity may be on the market, but ADT announced its exit due to unclarified business challenges. Many are intrigued by this choice, primarily as solar becomes even more common in the U.S.

Best Solar Companies in 2024

New solar companies are showing up regularly, primarily as demand rises and people develop greater professional familiarity with the technology. It’s becoming more common to see solar on rooftops, and the nation needs plenty of quality companies to assist citizens in the green energy revolution. While some of these companies have pros and cons, they are vital to diversifying supply and making prices reasonable.

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