Best Plants for Each Room in Your House

Best Plants for Each Room in Your House

Jane Marsh - June 11, 2018

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There’s something special about having a little bit of green in your home, whether it’s a spider plant hanging from a hook on your patio or some herbs growing in your kitchen window box. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few plant selections for the best plants for each room in your house.


Your bedroom should be your sanctuary — a place to relax and unwind after a long hard day at work. Adding a few plants to this sanctum can be a great way to help you find your Zen. Consider plants like:

  • Jasmine — This soft-scented plant has been shown to help improve sleep quality, plus, it’s beautiful!
  • Lavender — Studies have repeatedly proven lavender aids in sleep because of its calming scent, which makes it an excellent addition to any bedroom. However, if fragrances bother you due to allergies, it’s best to avoid this plant.
  • Snake plant — Not only is this plant nearly impossible to kill — even if you forget about it — but it also helps filter out toxins from the air. Improved air quality is always a plus.
  • Aloe — The aloe vera plant helps remove airborne toxins, produces oxygen and even provides skin care. The juice from its leaves is useful for treating burns.


Your bathroom probably has the highest humidity in the house, making it ideal for a variety of different plants, including:

  • Fern — Ferns thrive in humid, low-light environments, which is the basic description of every bathroom everywhere. They also are excellent at filtering out toxins, like the ones that might be hiding in your personal care products.
  • Air plant — This succulent looks neat, requires only a little spritz of water every day and thrives in low-light, high-humidity environments.
  • Begonia — If you’ve got a window in your bathroom — even a frosted one — consider adding some begonias to your room. They feature beautiful blossoms and also thrive under fluorescent lighting.


There are so many different plants that can flourish in your kitchen, we found it hard to pick just three. Our top picks for kitchen greenery include:

  • Herbs — They can thrive in small pots or a kitchen window box, smell wonderful and taste delicious in your favorite recipes. Some, like mint and lemongrass, also make great additions to any green cleaning products you use in your kitchen or the rest of your home.
  • English ivy — Here is a super-easy plant to grow in your kitchen window. It thrives in direct sunlight, and also helps remove airborne toxins.
  • Cast-iron plant — This plant might not match your cast-iron cookware, but it is an outstanding addition to the kitchen because it is so hardy. No matter what the conditions are in your kitchen, this plant will thrive.

An honorable mention for the kitchen is the aloe plant — just for those times when you inevitably burn yourself on a hot pan or get splattered with grease.

Living Room

Depending on the layout of your home, your living room probably gets the most natural light of any room in the house — making it ideal for houseplants. Some good choices include:

  • Peace lily — This beautiful plant will bloom almost constantly if you keep it in direct sunlight, plus it’s at the top of NASA’s list for plants that filter out airborne toxins. It’s also easy to care for — just be careful not to bump it when it’s blooming, or you’ll end up with pollen everywhere.
  • Dragon tree — In addition to having a really cool-sounding name, these plants can grow up to 10 feet tall indoors, making your living room feel like a lush jungle.
  • Dwarf date palm — You need some room for this plant, but if you’ve got enough space for its ample foliage, this dwarf palm tree can make a fantastic addition to any living room.

Best Plants for Each Room in Your House

Don’t let our list discourage you from trying out other plants in your homes — these are just our favorites and some that are thriving in our homes. Most plants are resilient. They will bounce back from living in the wrong room for a few weeks while you figure out which plants fit best in each room of your house.

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