What Are the Benefits of Using Reusable Water Bottles?

Rachel Lark - May 30, 2024

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Reusable water bottles have become extremely popular and accessible. But what are the benefits of using reusable water bottles over single-use containers? Should people solely rely on reusable options, or is it okay to occasionally choose the ones that get discarded when empty?

Reduce Personal Consumption

One of the most obvious benefits of using reusable water bottles is that doing so allows a person to cut down on how much they choose materials not made to last. Some people refill disposable water bottles, such as by putting tap water in them and freezing it. That’s a quick way to make an ice-cold beverage to enjoy later. This technique is especially convenient during summer road trips because the ice will thaw over time, gradually giving people more water.

In general, though, most people who use disposable water bottles drink from them once and then throw them away. That approach generates a lot of unnecessary waste for our planet. Conversely, people could buy one reusable water bottle that gives them daily enjoyment for many years.

Companies will probably always sell water in disposable bottles, but people can make conscious decisions not to participate in that industry by purchasing them. Reusable water bottles still consume materials, but they’ll last years instead of someone only getting a few hours or days of use out of them. That’s a compelling reason to switch to reusable water bottles after primarily using disposable ones. 

Save Money

Airports, parks, museums, and even Walt Disney World provide water bottle refilling stations. Since a bottle of water in a disposable container usually costs several dollars, it makes sense to take the free route and refill a reusable one at these stations. 

Many apps make it easier to find the closest filling stations. Those are especially handy for people who are traveling or just want to become more familiar with other options in their communities. 

Most water-refill stations have built-in filters, making the liquid taste deliciously pure. However, people can get similar experiences at home by tapping into the benefits of using reusable water bottles. One of the most accessible options is to buy a pitcher-style filter and pour water into a reusable container. However, some reusable water bottles have filters inside them that work as someone drinks.  

Many people understandably like the taste of filtered water. One reason they get in the habit of buying bottled water is that it tastes better than what they can drink at home. However, they usually reach that conclusion before considering buying a water filter instead of continuing to indulge their bottled water habits.

Fit Your Needs

Single-use water bottles offer very little variation compared to reusable ones. Most of the differences lie in the closure method. For example, you can get screw-top, flip-top, or sports-top lids. The other main difference relates to capacity. There are relatively small single-use water bottles that fit in kids’ lunch boxes. Then, at the other end of the spectrum, people can buy single-use containers that are jugs to use throughout the week rather than to sip from during one day. 

Even so, one of the remarkable benefits of reusable water bottles is the huge variety offered. For example, people can find wide-mouthed bottles or those made from recycled materials. Some also connect to apps that encourage people to remember to stay hydrated. There are even versions that let you insert fruit or cucumber slices to flavor the water. Although you can buy flavored bottled water, it costs more than you’d probably spend by choosing your water additions. 

Reusable bottles typically come in numerous materials, with plastic, glass and metal being the most common. Additionally, some reusable options have smart designs that allow people to collapse the water bottle and stow it until it’s time to fill it. If you can dream up the idea, there’s a good chance a water bottle with a similar concept already exists. That diversity of products gives you plenty of opportunities to find something you really love and will want to use every day. 

Enjoy Convenience

Water sold in single-use containers is widely available but not necessarily handy to use. People who consume it every day often buy it in bulk from grocery stores. But that approach could be cumbersome, especially for those who take public transit and don’t want to lug a dozen water bottles home on the bus.

Another option is to get bottled water delivered. It addresses the inconvenience of carrying your water from the store to your home. However, people usually need to pay delivery fees. Why do that if you could experience one of the benefits of using reusable water bottles by simply filling these containers up from your kitchen tap?

People can also get in the habit of washing their water bottles whenever they do the rest of the household dishes that accumulate during the day. That’s a great strategy because one of the downsides of reusable water bottles is that they can harbor bacteria. 

One widely-cited study found reusable water bottles had 6,000 times the bacteria found on toilet seats. However, another takeaway was that around 15% of respondents only clean their water bottles a few times per month. Getting into a daily cleaning habit is a practical way to banish bacteria.

Rather than overlooking the benefits of using reusable water bottles due to the unsanitary aspects, reframe your thoughts by realizing you can make yours safe to use by cleaning it every day. 

Showcase Style and Personality

Reusable water bottles come in every color of the rainbow. Some brands even sell ones with patterns or other eye-catching designs. The style is not usually the main reason a person chooses a reusable bottle, but it can be a major deciding factor. 

People can also show their personalities even more by putting stickers on the outside of their reusable water bottles. This approach requires extra care when washing the containers, but the stickers can be a great way to differentiate the bottles from others. 

Users can choose stickers representing their favorite TV shows, books, quotes, or locations. Some people even use their water bottles to draw attention to a cause, political party, or viewpoint. You can think of your reusable water bottle as a blank canvas. Consider choosing one in your favorite color first, then personalizing it further with stickers.

Experience the Benefits of Using Reusable Water Bottles

These are some of the top benefits of using reusable water bottles instead of disposable containers. Even when people occasionally choose the latter, they’re still making smart choices by primarily depending on an item they can use again and again. 

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