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8 Benefits of Going Green

Jane Marsh - April 24, 2020

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Going green has become less of a trend and more of a lifestyle for many people around the world. People used to sing jingles about recycling and turn in cans for pocket change, but now, being green is integrated into daily life. Sometimes it may take time to do what’s environmentally friendly, which makes some people wonder if it’s worth the effort. However, it’s easy to learn a few of the many benefits of going green. There are many reasons to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle once you discover what happens with each little change you make.

1. You Save Money

Think about your financial habits and how you spend your money. Do you like to go out to dinner or take vacations? It’s good to have fun, but some of your habits may cost you more than you think.

Some people stock their fridge with water bottles. They’re easy to grab on the way out the door and may taste better than your city water. However, plastic bottles aren’t good for the environment because they take so long to degrade in landfills.

Instead, you could switch to using a filtered water pitcher and a reusable bottle. You’ll save money in the long run and reduce your plastic usage. The same goes for any plastic products you use every day if you can find a reusable alternative.

2. You Help Your Community

As you live your green lifestyle, you’ll inspire others to join you and share your environmentally friendly habits. Once you have a few friends who want to help, create clubs to clean up parks and neighborhoods. Encourage carpooling and make online groups so everyone can stay in touch about events and programs. More people will want to support the green cause if they see others doing it, and your actions will benefit the entire community.

3. You Support Local Businesses

Many people investigate where their food comes from when they start going green. Major agricultural companies often spray fertilizers so they can grow food faster, but that leads to chemical runoff that affects nearby water sources and the environment. You can avoid supporting the larger agricultural industry by buying from local businesses and farms. Smaller companies are more likely to stick with organic fertilizers or none at all, which keeps the environment safe.

4. You Support Your Immune System

Air pollution, like CO2 from cars and other toxins, clogs the atmosphere and alters your immune function, which may cause you to get sick and have problems breathing. Many people encounter these issues, and they may experience more asthma attacks and respiratory illnesses as a result.

You can help this issue by carpooling, walking to your destination or investing in a smart car. When you breathe less air pollution, your immune system will get stronger and fight bacteria and illnesses.

5. You Eat Better

Another benefit of going green is that you end up eating better. Avoiding plastic packaging and chemical additives or fertilizers encourages people to eat more organic food. That leads to less harmful ingredients in your body and a diet with more foods low in sugar, carbs and fats. Many people also decide to grow their own garden to save money and eat better. Whether you have a backyard or a porch, you can produce the food you enjoy with environmentally safe fertilizers.

6. You Get Tax Cuts

Solar panels are cheaper than ever before, so if you live in a house where you can install them, it’s worth considering. They’ll save you from using electricity that hurts the environment, and you can get a tax cut if you report your switch to solar energy. The IRS wants to reward people for going green because it incentivizes both individuals who want to save energy and those who only want to save money.

7. You Make New Friends

Although your green journey may start as a solitary adventure, you’ll quickly form a new community as you make new friends with the same goals. A support network is critical for you because you’ll celebrate each other’s successes and figure out problems together. Friends make it easier to shift into a new lifestyle and stay passionate about the environmental difference you’ll make.

8. You Learn Everyday

One of the best parts of life is that you can always learn something new. You’ll experience this in jobs and relationships — and a sustainable lifestyle offers the same lessons. As you find different ways to go green, you’ll learn from the experts about how else you can help the planet. There’s always something bigger and better to do, even if you’re the leading sustainable member of your community. 

Try New Possibilities

Some people wonder about the benefits of going green because they don’t see anything actively changing in their lives. It’s hard to watch CO2 clouds dissipate, but it’s much easier to see more money in your pocket, more friends in your network and healthier food on your table. Look for these benefits after you make new green changes to your lifestyle, and you’ll never want to give up the fight.

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