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Green Living Blogs You Should Read in 2020

Jane Marsh - August 2, 2018

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So, you’re just getting started on your sustainability journey, and you’re wondering how you can learn more about the topic? You have plenty of options thanks to today’s thriving green living blogs.

Here are 10 of the best green living blogs to subscribe to for regular updates and tips about living a greener life.

1. TreeHugger

People don’t always use the term “tree hugger” in the most favorable light, but this blog fully embraces the expression.

The blog, which has been around since 2004 and merged with Mother Nature Network earlier this year, has played a vital role in launching green living blogs into the mainstream. It covers virtually every conceivable sustainability topic, from lifestyle to design to technology to business. It truly strives to be a one-stop shop for everything green.

2. Mindful Momma

Mindful Momma is a blog by a mom for moms, and it has an active community that’s always willing to help each other out with green living tips.

This blog provides tips for living a more thoughtful, more natural life and covers topics such as natural products, healthy recipes and more. It isn’t strictly about sustainability, but many of the articles can help you live a more eco-friendly life, while providing valuable information in other ways, too.

3. Zero-Waste Home

Bea Johnson started Zero-Waste Home in 2008 as a blog about her quest to live a zero-waste life. Today, she has a bestselling book, gives talks around the world and continues to break down misconceptions about zero waste.

On the Zero-Waste Home website, you can get product recommendations, participate in monthly challenges and use the new bulk finder tool to find package-free stores. Of course, you can also read the blog and follow Johnson on social media for regular updates.

4. Eco Warrior Princess

Jennifer Nini founded Eco Warrior Princess in 2010. Today, it’s a growing media brand that covers everything about green living, environmental issues and other topics as well. You can read about everything from ethical fashion choices to green technology to feminism on this blog.

You can also find lists of helpful resources on the site for shopping ethically, going vegan and even blogging about ethical and green living. It’s a great place both for starting out and for taking your green lifestyle to the next level.

5. Green Steve

Green Steve is a self-described “average Joe” who blogs about his quest to reduce his carbon footprint to zero, as well as various other environmental topics. His strategy involves trying to lessen his impact in any way he can, then offsetting the rest of his carbon emissions.

On the Green Steve blog, you can find posts about lifestyle, business, politics and much more as it relates to sustainability. He also reviews eco-friendly products and writes about recent environment-related news.

6. Inhabitat

Inhabit, which designer Jill Fehrenbacher founded in 2005, focuses on design, architecture and technology, and also provides regular updates on the latest environmental news. It covers innovative design that makes our lives more sustainable and smarter.

7. EarthEasy

Founded in 2000, EarthEasy is part blog, part collection of curated eco-friendly goods.

The blog section features articles on a range of topics including green lifestyles, health and wellness and living off the grid. It also features several how-to guides you can use to jumpstart a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. These guides cover everything from food to clothing to gardening.

The other section of the website is a collection of curated products that can help you live greener. EarthEasy plants a tree for every item people order through its site and also partners with TerraPass for carbon offsets.

8. EcoCult

EcoCult is a green living blog concentrated on fashion and travel. It also has a focus on New York City, since that’s where the founder lives. Beyond the mainstays of fashion and travel, the site also covers beauty, food, home and wedding information.

This site includes a lot of practical tips and resources for those interested in the topics it covers. It even has a database of sustainable fashion brands to shop.

9. Earth911

Earth911 has a lot of great eco living content from technology to home and garden to well-being. Earth911’s foundation, though, is its recycling directory, which you can access on the website, on the Earth911 mobile app or via a toll-free hotline. The resource includes more than 100,000 listings for more than 350 materials.

10. EcoWatch

EcoWatch helps readers lead lives that can impact both the health of the planet and their own health. The environmental news site covers a variety of topics all related to environmental sustainability, including energy, politics, science, business and wellness.

What Green Living Blogs Will You Read?

There is a wealth of information online about green living for anyone who’s willing to take the time to find it and read it. Hopefully, this list helps you get you started as you learn more about sustainability and start making your life a little greener.

If you’re especially interested in the technology aspect of environmental issues, check out this list of 10 of our favorite green tech blogs.

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