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10 Sustainable Products to Add to Your Life in 2024

Jane Marsh - January 28, 2022

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Last Updated March 13, 2024

Are you looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint this upcoming year, but not sure where to start? You’re not alone. An early 2021 survey by GreenPrint found that 64% of customers are willing to pay more for sustainable products, but they don’t know where to look.

It’s not that hard to go green. Add these products to your daily life and start practicing better eco-friendly habits in 2024.

1. Recycled Clothing

Clothing companies big and small use recycled plastic and other marine waste to make new products. Adidas’s Primeblue clothing line has shirts, shorts and shoes made entirely from ocean plastic, and the company wants to remove unsustainable materials like polyester from its products.

San Francisco-based Rothy’s transforms plastic water bottles into new shoes, bags and other accessories. Other companies worldwide have committed to adopting new eco-friendly business models so they can create more sustainable products.

2. Reusable Food Storage Bags

Improper storage contributes to the waste of 108 billion tons of food each year in the United States alone. Reusable food bags can help bring that number down. 

Silicone sandwich bags from Stasher, food-safe cotton and polyester produce bags from Art of Lunch and unique products such as beeswax-infused wraps eliminate the need for disposable baggies. This cuts down on wasteful food storage practices.

If you’re tired of going through a box of zip-close bags and plastic wrap every week, use these reusable bags and take some of the waste and clutter out of your kitchen.

3. Portable Solar Kits

Solar power is a sustainable energy source that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. Anker’s portable solar panels allow you to charge your devices from anywhere the sun shines.

Other products allow you to do much more. BioLite’s SolarHome kits come with rechargeable overhead lights, a control panel and even a radio in case of emergencies. Solar chargers ensure you no longer have to worry about losing your charger or looking for the nearest outlet. 

4. Electric Lighter

Another rechargeable device to add to your home is the electric lighter. Rather than burning chemicals and tossing plastic into the garbage, you can rely on electric versions for years. You use it just like a regular butane lighter, minus the harm to the environment.

It runs on a rechargeable lithium battery that’s made to last, and it’s one of the more affordable items on this list.

5. Organic Cotton Sheets

One part of our daily lives most of us appreciate is the quality of our sheets. Organic cotton sheets are comfortable and eco-friendly, making them a no-brainer to add to your shopping list.

BIOWEAVES offers flat and fitted sheets and pillowcases made of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified cotton. These materials are made with less water and no chemical pesticides or cleaners. 

Most bedding materials have varying chemical fabric treatments, but not organic cotton sheets. They’re easier on the skin, durable and sustainable.

6. Smart Technology

Smart technology is a must for eco-friendly homes, especially the smart thermostat. It monitors temperature and air-quality levels and allows you to make adjustments via your phone.

Regulating your home’s heating and cooling rather than letting the thermostat run independently saves energy and money. A smart thermostat is a great start if you want to cut down on your home’s utility bills.

You can employ many other smart home technologies, such as a smart lighting system. You can control your home’s lights from anywhere, adjust the dimness and set motion sensors that conserve electricity.

Smart water systems allow you to control how much water is used around the house, from toilets to showerheads to outdoor hoses. They also detect leaks so you can find the source and stop them before they get out of control. Using all these tools can save a significant amount of resources and help you ditch wasteful habits.7.

7. Multi-surface Cleaning Powder

Do you have a bunch of miscellaneous cleaning bottles taking up space in your house? Take those chemical-filled plastic containers out of the equation and try multisurface cleaning powder. It’s an all-in-one solution that can clean any surface in your home, and it’s better for the environment.

Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds is made with a biodegradable, plant-based formula and can scrub the grime off tubs, tile and other surfaces. Its lack of harmful chemicals makes for a more thorough cleaning and is easier on your hands, eyes and lungs.

8. Eco-Friendly Dryer Balls

One way you can cut back on the use of your dryer is by throwing in a few cotton balls. They will dry clothes more quickly, reducing the amount of energy consumed and saving money on your electric bill.

They’re also a great alternative to dryer sheets, which consist of plastic and other inorganic ingredients and can only be used once. Dryer balls can be used hundreds of times, so you can finally set your machine on the eco-friendly setting for good.

9. Self-Cleaning Drink Bottles

Plastic water bottles make up a big chunk of our world’s waste. Combat this by buying a reusable, self-cleaning water bottle and eliminating the use of these wasteful containers.

These water bottles don’t filter out heavy particles like regular filtered versions. Still, they do use ultraviolet technology to kill water-borne microbes and bacteria, keeping the surface clean and your drink fresh.

A self-cleaning bottle can last for years with heavy use, while other filtered water bottles require manual cleaning fairly often. You’ll experience no such issues with a bottle that cleans itself several times a day, so grab one this year.

10. Eco-Friendly Cutlery, Plates and Bowls

Plastic silverware, plates and bowls are often used just once before being thrown away, which quickly adds up to a lot of waste. We can’t stop people from using one-off kitchen utensils, so why not make them recyclable, or better yet, compostable?

That’s what Preserve did. The company made recycled forks, spoons and knives to replace wasteful plastic utensils. Preserve’s offerings are also stronger than flimsy cheap plastic, so you can reuse them multiple times. When the cutlery has run its course, wash it and return it to the company.

Stack Man offers compostable plates, and Palm Leaf makes compostable bowls, so every essential eating tool is taken care of. They’re also thicker and sturdier than plastic or paper products, so you get a better deal all around.

Little Things Make a Big Difference

On its own, an electric lighter or compostable plate doesn’t make much difference to our environment. However, when we all make little attempts in our daily lives to be more eco-friendly and sustainable, those efforts add up to something big.

We aren’t going to save the world in 2024, but everyone can do their part to lighten the load on the Earth. Thankfully, this is as easy as doing your homework and making wise shopping decisions. Many eco-friendly products are out there that can help the environment and even save you money over time. Add these eco-friendly products to your life and make a difference this year.

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