Geothermal Energy Installers in Dallas, Texas


Dallas has almost 1.3 million people within its limits — the third largest city in the state as of 2022. Many express growing interest in geothermal energy’s potential. Options exist for everyone, whether you live in Highland Park Geothermal energy installers in Dallas are helping transport the city into greener horizons. Discover how the state and city give citizens 100% renewable power.

Is Geothermal Energy Viable in Dallas?

No matter where you are in the Lone Star State, it is hot. It feels like the state could not get any hotter, but every year it surprises citizens. A recent study from the University of Texas at Austin Energy Institute discovered drilling 1.4 million geothermal wells worldwide could power 77% of the planet. Dallas — and the rest of Texas — is no exception, especially with how warm the crust typically is.

Dallas’s ground can support geothermal power. With the proper legislative and citizen buy-in and lobbying, geothermal could rewire the city into a greener future.

Even if the state weren’t boiling, efficient wells would extract hot liquid from underwater reservoirs. It powers geothermal plants and residential heat pumps. The state has numerous defunct fossil fuel plants primed for retrofitting. Additionally, many residents throughout the state would be eligible for heat pump installations with the help of expert installers. Luckily, Dallas has several and more appear yearly to service more cities and rural areas. 

Is Texas Supporting Geothermal Energy Efforts?

Unfortunately, Texas and Dallas could do more to promote geothermal energy. Multiple legislative attempts stalled or died before they had a shot in place of supporting and incentivizing fossil fuel companies to come to the area. 

It does not mean Texas is not doing anything to support climate change remediation, but it looks like renewable energy is not a high priority. It is shocking, mainly regarding the impact of the 2021 winter storm, which could have been prevented if renewable energy and battery storage were in place. 

Renewable energy is proven to make the grid more resilient, and uncalled-for stressors like that freeze unnecessarily endangered citizens because of regulatory favoritism and partnerships with oil and gas companies. Oil and gas employment is on a downward trend since the COVID-19 pandemic, and layoffs were common. Many employees moved to renewable energy companies instead, primarily in light of more stable pricing and better job security alongside federal legislation. 

However, universities attempt to prove with research how sustainable and profitable undergoing a geothermal transition could be for Texas. Efforts like these might be the push legislators need.

Are There Geothermal Energy Installers in Dallas?

Despite a lack of governmental support, plenty of residents are interested in geothermal potential. The state’s capital has a few resources for interested homeowners to learn about geothermal energy generation and how it can help Dallas become a role model for the rest of Texas.

Paladin Geothermal

Paladin Geothermal is the first name Texans see when looking for experts. Instead of connecting homes to a geothermal power plant, they offer geothermal heating and cooling. Their professionally trained experts serve more than Dallas, extending to every direction in the massive state. Paladin assists with HVAC and insulation on top of geothermal installations, accenting their expertise in reducing energy consumption before implementing renewables. 

They offer free consultations, so they can evaluate the property to see if it is a good candidate for heat pumps. The cost for Dallas residents varies based on energy consumption, landscaping, and cost for contractors. Paladin, and other installers, will explicitly state how much you will owe while considering current federal tax credits.

Air Patrol Air Conditioning and Heating

Air Patrol offers a medley of services, including fireplace work. Their heat pump repertoire includes installation, maintenance, and repairs. They service Farmers Branch and explain why it is a green and beneficial option for residents to consider geothermal, even if cooler temperatures are not ordinary in Dallas. Heat pumps improve home air quality and increase convenience by requiring less maintenance.

Greenland Technologies

Greenland Technologies is a well-rounded supplier. If they come to your home to assess for geothermal compatibility, and your land is not the right fit, they have other options. They have a diverse portfolio of eco-friendly power, offering solar, wind, and off-grid systems for a comprehensive and green service, no matter the specs of your home. Regarding geothermal energy, they have great resources to explain how cost-effective it is for Texans. It has the lowest operating cost compared to other options, like propane or natural gas furnaces.

Integrity Air Conditioning

Integrity offers heat pump conversions in Dallas and Mesquite. The beauty of their services is their step-by-step explanation of how the process goes, so even families new to the renewable energy industry have accessible language to begin their education. Additionally, they offer several financing options, and consults suggest the best options based on their conversations with clients. 

Excel Geothermal A/C and Heat

Excel has something many installers do not — they are open 24 hours daily. They are dedicated to providing excellent customer service by making themselves available. They have a gallery of installations so households can visualize how real Dallas homes look with heat pumps instead of relying on Google stock images. 

For financing, they partner with the Clean Energy Credit Union to try and make geothermal reach more customers. The partnership prides itself on being an online-only enterprise, which means what it could have paid in overhead instead manifests into better loan terms for customers that beat brick-and-mortar competition. 

Setting Up Geothermal Energy in Dallas, Texas

Installing geothermal energy in Dallas is as simple as calling your resident experts. Almost all of them offer free consultations with no strings attached — at the very least, you can learn more about renewable energy potential within the state to increase positive conversation. Or, you can set a goal to budget for a future installation. Regardless, the future of Dallas, Texas, is optimistic because of all of its potential, and continued support for these businesses keeps the initiative alive.