Geothermal Energy Installers in Austin, Texas

aerial view of Austin, Texas

Although Texans experience unbearable heat in summer and shockingly low temperatures in winter, most have outdated, inefficient heating and cooling systems. Even those who can get reliable service end up paying inflated bills to keep their home comfortable. If you want a permanent solution, Geothermal energy in Austin is what you need to look into.

Does Geothermal Energy Work in Austin, Texas?

While geothermal energy isn’t available everywhere because it is location-dependent, it does work in Austin, Texas. In fact, it’s becoming a popular choice for Texan homeowners. For example, the Austin neighborhood “Whisper Valley” powers nearly 7,000 homes with geothermal energy. You have a great chance of being able to install a system.

What Are the Benefits of Geothermal Energy?

The main benefits of geothermal energy systems include efficiency, quietness, and affordability. They outperform most traditional options in each category because they utilize natural underground heat sources. 

It’s one of the most reliable heating and cooling methods in existence, which is ideal for Texans who are fed up with the level of service they currently receive. Since the temperature stays around 73° Fahrenheit year-round, only 30 – 40 feet underground, you get consistent functionality no matter the weather. 

To put it kindly, you get to stay comfortable instead of watching frost grow on your windowpanes in winter or paying sky-high bills to keep your home cool on 105° Fahrenheit days. Since most services in Texas lack consistency, now is the best time to switch.

Are you tired of being interrupted by the air conditioner when it kicks on? If so, consider getting a geothermal energy system. Since it mainly operates underground, it’s incredibly quiet. It makes about as much noise as a refrigerator.

One of the biggest benefits of a geothermal heat pump is its efficiency. With a traditional system, over 50% of your total energy use goes to heating and cooling your home. Surprisingly, geothermal outperforms them at a much lower cost, so you effectively pay less to get more. More Texans are considering installing systems because they are practically unrivaled.

How Much Does Geothermal Cost?

While installing geothermal energy in Austin, Texas costs about $3,300 on average, prices reach nearly $12,000 for complete installations. Excavation, ductwork, and underground looping can quickly become expensive, but the systems themselves are relatively affordable.

While the installation price can be daunting, geothermal heat pumps can actually save you heaps in the long run. They’re incredibly efficient, meaning they can easily handle the intense Texas weather without making you pay extra.

Since they are hundreds of times more efficient than traditional heating and cooling systems, you could save over 60% on energy bills once you make the switch. The average Austin electric bill is nearly $150 monthly, so you can pocket $90 every month. Since they last for up to two decades on average, they’re a worthwhile investment.

Who Are the Best Geothermal Energy Installers in Austin?

Smart Air Cooling & Heating offers geothermal energy in Austin, covering installation, maintenance, and 24/7 emergency repair services. It claims one of its systems will run well for 10 – 15 years at a minimum. You can call or email to get in touch with a person or use one of their online tools to request an estimate or schedule a service. 

If you’re looking for someone you can trust, Efficient AC, Electric & Plumbing has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau — proof that it has plenty of happy customers. Although it doesn’t currently build new systems, it has repair, maintenance, and replacement services. If you have a geothermal setup but need a new machine, they can install one.

Choose Intelligent Air Services if you want a secure investment — it backs its team of licensed specialists with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It also offers a 10% military or senior discount through February 2025 for installation, maintenance, and 24/7 emergency repair services. You can call, email, or live chat with an employee to get estimates or request services.

For experts, go to American Geothermal Systems since it’s been in the residential installation business for over 25 years. It claims its geothermal systems give you 66% more energy savings, going as far as to say you create $4 worth of heat for every $1 you spend on energy.

GeoGreen HVAC claims its geothermal system can save you up to 60% on your energy bills compared to traditional heating and cooling systems. It offers free in-home consultations to help you choose the best fit and provides factory warranties on its parts and labor. If you’d rather do things online, GeoGreen provides an interactive selection tool to narrow your choices.

Can Geothermal Energy in Austin Be More Affordable?

There are many loans, grants, and tax credits property owners can receive to make geothermal energy in Austin more affordable. For instance, the Texas Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) authority offers long-term financing with no down payment required. It claims your savings will be greater than the amount you repay.

The Biden administration passed many sustainable acts to make sustainable energy more affordable for Americans. For instance, homeowners who install a geothermal heat pump before January 2033 get a 30% tax credit from the federal government. 

Texas tax codes dictate that homeowners don’t need to pay property taxes on the value their geothermal energy system adds to their homes. You could increase your home’s worth by $15,000 — and you wouldn’t have to pay a dime in taxes. Although it won’t help with the initial cost, it makes the system much more affordable to maintain.

Choosing Geothermal Energy in Austin, Texas

These installers have expertise and comprehensive services, so they’re great potential fits for you. To narrow down your pick, reach out to each one so you can compare their estimates. It’s also a good idea to read through customer reviews. After that, the only thing left to do is enjoy your new geothermal heating and cooling system.