Geothermal Energy Installers in Connecticut

In New England, you might not perceive geothermal energy as viable. However, geothermal energy in Connecticut is growing, and installers are taking advantage of the booming industry. You don’t need volcanoes to warm homes with Earth’s heat. Learn what this renewable energy source is like in the state and how you can get your hands on it for the most reasonable price possible.

Is Geothermal Energy Possible in Connecticut?

In the last several years, Connecticut has made several proposals to expand geothermal. The first step in doing so was reducing the cost, because heat pumps are not as cheap as solar panels are becoming. A combination of public and private is necessary for scalable expansion that responsibly replaces fossil fuel-based utilities.

The northeast U.S. is trying to get rid of natural gas by way of geothermal power by taking advantage of federal incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act. Nearby states, like New York and Vermont, will benefit from this as well. Over the next several years, partners will retrofit power plants and install energy storage solutions to make geothermal energy work in the region.

At UConn, there is another big geothermal project unfolding. With money from Next Generation Connecticut and help from the South Campus Infrastructure Project, the collaboration is set to heat and cool the South Campus Residence Hall and dining area with a ground loop heat exchanger. This will set a precedent for commercial and residential spaces.

What Geothermal Energy Installers Are in Connecticut?

Connecticut geothermal energy installers are spread decently throughout the state. Even if they aren’t in your exact town, many service nearby areas, so it never hurts to call and inquire. Figure out the most reputable names in the business with these options.

King Energy Geothermal

King Energy has been in operation since 1983. Their years of experience mean they are qualified for all types of geothermal installations, including new construction or retrofits. Their workers promise to provide a personalized assessment of every unique home, instructing the best ways to finance heat pumps based on available credits and incentives to make decision-making easier. 

Dr. Energy Saver

This is a contracting service out of Seymour. They provide free estimates for geothermal heating systems, while providing enough accessible information to inform conversations you might have with the professionals. Their resources cite the Environmental Protection Agency for its benefits and carbon-friendly qualities, but they explain how geothermal could be expensive due to excavation requirements. This contractor provides a comprehensive foundational understanding while offering other green energy assets if geothermal doesn’t end up working out.

Priority Fuel Inc.

Priority Fuel is out of Bloomfield. Front and center on their website is a fact you can’t ignore — energy costs will decrease your income 3% yearly, but geothermal will pay for itself in a max of five years. The company does an excellent job of justifying why geothermal energy is a powerful asset to homeowners based on how much solar warmth is stored within the Earth. They provide installation, maintenance, and emergency services, among other offerings to help everyone acclimate gracefully to their new heat pumps.

Connecticut Wells Inc.

Straight out of Bethlehem, Connecticut Wells are heat pump and water well drilling experts. They have over 50 years of experience and have contributed to over 1,000 geothermal projects across Connecticut and nearby states. They offer residential and commercial services. They clearly outline payment options while detailing how a geothermal system improves property value, reduces bills, and lowers maintenance costs to save families money and the planet from suffering from greenhouse gases.

Onofreo Home Comfort Systems

Do you live in the greater Milford area? Onofreo has heat pumps and ground service geothermal energy services with an amazing 24-hour emergency service. They have a longer list than most of geothermal advantages, including:

  • Long life span
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Little operational noise
  • No fumes and odors

They even have a specific section of service for retrofits to make sure your home is compatible with a geothermal system. Its contractors have the North American Technician Excellence certification, which is a third party that tests the experience and knowledge of energy professionals. Finding a geothermal energy installer in Connecticut with third-party approvals is always the sign of a top-performing agency.

How Much Does Geothermal Cost in Connecticut?

It’s impossible to say the exact price of a geothermal energy system for your home. Heat pumps vary based on several aspects of the home and land quality. Everything from a home’s general energy consumption to the land’s grading could impact a contractor’s quote. However, the average cost of a heat pump in the U.S. is between $3,500 and $7,500, depending on the installation process and energy needs.

However, these numbers shouldn’t make anyone concerned, because federal incentives are making heat pumps cheaper. In time, prices will reduce much like solar panels have, becoming more commercially accessible as they become more mainstream. They are for a limited time and have restrictions, so get to know how to take advantage of them. Geothermal heat pump discounts are at specific rates depending on the year:

  • 30% off after December 31, 2021, and before January 1, 2033
  • 26% off after December 31, 2032, and before January 1, 2034.
  • 22% off after December 31, 2033, and before January 1, 2035.

The heat pumps must be Energy Star-verified to quality. Low income households in the area may receive additional help with the Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program or the Department of Health and Human Services’ Home Energy Assistance Program.

Geothermal Energy Installers in Connecticut

The Constitution State is working on making geothermal energy more accessible. Even though it gets cold, there are a fair few hot spots to provide clean, green power throughout Connecticut. The sun is enough to help even the coldest states of New England to make geothermal energy a powerful resource. The state is a great example of how colder environments can still make geothermal energy happen at scale with dedication from public and private sectors.