Geothermal Energy Installers in Sacramento, California

Although solar and wind continue to make up most of California’s clean energy portfolio, other renewable sources are catching up — especially in the state capital. Today, geothermal energy installers in Sacramento are busier than ever as the power plight has prompted many to adopt more reliable electricity. Of course, it helps that Sacramento is near the world’s largest geothermal field. 

Renewable energy has become a popular buzzword in recent years as extreme temperatures have increased the demand for more electricity. As California faces increasing power outages from heat waves, it’s no wonder residents are ready for change. 

Here’s everything Sacramento homeowners need to know about geothermal energy in their region, including the costs and benefits.

Clean Geothermal Energy on the Rise in California

California might be one of the least humid states — but come summertime, everyone turns on their air conditioning at once to beat the heat. 

Heat waves have worsened with rising global temperatures, placing excessive pressure on California’s electricity grid. In August 2020, nearly 800,000 homes suffered power outages — some for several days and hours. Per reports, the demand for electricity to power ACs surpassed supply, posing a public health crisis amid scorching weather.

Despite blackouts, the state’s geothermal power plants continued generating a steady stream of clean electricity around the clock. Yet, geothermal only accounts for 5% of California’s energy portfolio. Could California have mitigated the outages with a more robust energy mix? Governor Gavin Newsom believes so.

In May 2023, Newsom proposed a mass purchase of renewable energy, encouraging private companies to build large-scale geothermal power facilities. Geothermal is slow to gain steam nationwide, mainly due to cost. However, with California’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2045 creeping up, it may be worth it — one, to reach the state’s climate goals and two, to strengthen the grid system.

Does Sacramento Have Geothermal Energy?

Spanning 45 square miles in the Mayacamas mountains — just under two and a half hours east of Sacramento — is the biggest geothermal energy plant in the world: The Geysers. The nation’s largest geothermal producer, Calpine, owns and operates its 18 facilities, generating 725 megawatts of electricity — enough for 725,000 homes.

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) made strides toward its 2030 Zero Carbon Plan in April 2022 when it signed a 10-year contract for 100 megawatts of geothermal energy. 

Adding this renewable energy source to SMUD’s portfolio will provide reliable power for 100,000 households annually. It will also offset 342,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Costs and Benefits of a Geothermal Heat Pump 

Geothermal energy requires installing an underground heat pump — this is done by drilling just beneath the earth’s surface into geothermal energy reservoirs. The reservoirs are consistently 50° to 60° Fahrenheit, drawing up heat through the pipe loop and into your home. During the summer, the system reverses itself for cooling.

The process is straightforward — but before Sacramento residents call local geothermal energy installers to compare quotes, it’s essential to know what these underground heat pumps typically run. 


A geothermal heat pump alone is between $2,214 and $4,465 — but an entire system could run about $12,000 to $38,000.

The full system price includes excavating, ground looping, installing new ductwork and labor. Your home’s square footage and the type of mechanism you purchase also factor into the cost. For instance, a horizontal loop system is the least expensive option at $15,000 to $34,000. Other types of heat pumps include vertical, pond and open loops. 

Understandably, the initial expense may turn Sacramento homeowners away. However, you can tap into federal tax credits, state incentives and rebates to lower prices. For example, homeowners may be eligible for a 26% federal tax credit through 2032 to offset fees for installing renewable energy solutions. 


It’s a lot of money to install geothermal energy in your home. Fortunately, residents will immediately see a return on investment. 

Geothermal heat pumps use 25% to 50% less energy than regular HVAC systems. Overall, these heat pumps are 300% to 600% more efficient — meaning huge savings on your electricity bills.

Geothermal heat pumps also have a life span of 20-plus years, while most warranties last 25 to 50 years. Other benefits include energy availability regardless of weather, little land use, silent system operations and minimal maintenance.

Where to Find Geothermal Energy Installers in Sacramento, California

Californians have options for adopting renewable energy at home, with several geothermal energy installers in Sacramento that can handle all your clean energy needs. Check out the following three companies if you’re considering purchasing a geothermal heat pump.

Clarke & Rush

Clarke & Rush is a reputable Sacromento-based HVAC company providing installation, maintenance and repair services for geothermal heat pumps. The team of highly skilled technicians is thoroughly vetted to ensure superior geothermal knowledge and safety. 

Prospective homeowners are encouraged to call for more information about their services and discounts on geothermal systems.

Brower Mechanical

Brower Mechanical is another well-known HVAC installation company in the Sacramento area, having been in business for 40 years. Residents will like them because their specialists are adept in the latest heat pump construction techniques to avoid damaging your home or property during drilling. 

Homeowners who decide to work with Brower Mechanical on installing a geothermal heat pump will sit down with its owner and lead contractor, Jeff Brower. Together, you’ll review your project specifications and energy goals in detail.

Jaguar Heating & Air

Finally, Jaguar Heating & Air services Sacramento and the surrounding communities, providing top-of-the-line renewable energy solutions. As a family-owned business, Jaguar promises excellent customer satisfaction for every project. 

Call Jaguar to book an appointment and ask about financing options for their geothermal services. You might qualify for monthly payment plans based on your budget. Likewise, Jaguar offers special-term promotions and online account management to customers.

As geothermal energy becomes more prevalent throughout California, homeowners in Sacramento are more likely to find more geothermal energy installers in their area.

Sacramento Saves Big With Geothermal Energy

Sacramento residents can jump on geothermal power early and save money on energy bills. Although the initial costs are high, you’ll immediately see a return on investment. Call a reputable geothermal energy installer in Sacramento to learn more about your options and get a quote.