Food is a central part of life and the health of the planet. An estimated 10% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by agriculture. Much research still needs to be done on energy, soil and water conservation measures that can help both the planet and farmers.

With an exponential population growth, we should also consider the sustainability of our diet, including what type of farming and what types of food are most sustainable. Additionally, we’ll also look at tech innovations for feeding a growing population.

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aeroponics vs. hydroponics

Aeroponics vs. Hydroponics: Is One Better for the Planet?

Sep 7, 2020 - Jane Marsh

Hydroponics and aeroponics are both examples of soil-less growing methods and require cultivating crops in…

pros and cons of aquaponics

Top 5 Pros and Cons of Aquaponics

Sep 2, 2020 - Jane Marsh

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pros and cons of hydroponics

What Are the Pros and Cons of Hydroponics?

Aug 28, 2020 - Jane Marsh

Hydroponics is a type of aquaculture that uses nutrients and water to grow plants without…

farm-raised fish vs wild caught

Farm-Raised Fish vs Wild Caught: Pros and Cons

Aug 26, 2020 - Jane Marsh

Farm-raised fish vs wild-caught, which is better? Unfortunately, the answer is not so simple. The…

pros and cons of commercial fishing

The Pros and Cons of the Commercial Fishing Industry

Aug 24, 2020 - Jane Marsh

Commercial fishing has received a great deal of negative press in recent years, and for…

homesteading lifestyle

The Rise of the Homesteading Lifestyle Among Millennials

Aug 3, 2020 - Jane Marsh

A growing number of young people are returning to the land. The appeal of the…

soil erosion solution

Technology as a Soil Erosion Solution

Jul 24, 2020 - Jane Marsh

Have you ever visited the Grand Canyon? That massive hole in the ground is the…

advantages of sustainable farming

What Is Sustainable Farming and Can It Save Our World?

Jul 22, 2020 - Jane Marsh

Sustainable farming seeks to preserve and improve the environment, ensure human health and grow food…

pros and cons of aquaculture

What Are the Top Pros and Cons of Aquaculture?

Jul 20, 2020 - Jane Marsh

Aquaculture has also been in the news recently due to a presidential executive order that…

organic farming pros and cons

Does Organic Farming Matter? 10 Pros and Cons of Organic Farming

Jul 18, 2020 - Jane Marsh

Consumers are increasingly seeking out organic food, primarily produce. In the last few years, the…

crop rotation planner

Crop Rotation Planner for Beginning Homesteaders

Jul 10, 2020 - Jane Marsh

If you are new to homesteading, writing out a planting schedule may seem daunting. Isn’t…

garden maintenance schedule month by month

Garden Maintenance Schedule: A Month by Month Guide

Jul 8, 2020 - Jane Marsh

Every spring, people get excited to head to the store for gardening supplies. It’s fun…