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15 Reasons Why You Should Go Green Today

Jane Marsh - April 20, 2020

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These days, the sustainable movement is more popular than ever. People around the world have made a range of life changes — all as a way to help our planet. From meatless diets to carbon-free transportation, there’s an endless amount of impactful solutions. But why should you go green? Most individuals are aware of how climate change affects the planet. While that’s incredibly important, it’s also necessary to shown concern for its influence on us. You have several positives and negatives to consider. Take a look at some of the advantages of practicing sustainability:

1. Utilities Cost Less

A major bonus to an eco-friendly lifestyle is reduced utility costs. When you reduce water and electricity consumption, you pay less each month. Similarly, you can save up to $500 a year if you switch to energy-efficient appliances.

2. You Create Space

A lot of us find joy in material goods. As a result, there’s a constant push to buy more and more every day. When you decrease this consumption to help the Earth, you can embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Your home then becomes free of clutter — and who doesn’t like more space?

3. Air Quality Gets a Boost

Many parts of the world struggle with poor air quality. Many factors are at play here, like massive production plants and vehicles fueled by gasoline. But inside your home, the environment can be just as toxic. Typical household products often include various chemicals, which may harm your health. When you choose eco-friendly options, you enjoy cleaner air.

4. You Eat Healthier Foods

Your diet plays a major role in sustainability. Often, we go for processed items we can quickly pick up at a grocery store. That harms both your health and the environment, as commercial agriculture is one of the most significant contributors to greenhouse gases. To combat this problem, plant a home garden or buy ingredients from a local farm.

5. Exercise Becomes Routine

Some people choose to walk or ride bikes to work to reduce their carbon footprint. This tactic makes a huge difference, especially regarding your physical fitness. If you truly want to save energy, you’ll use your car less — and get toned in the process.

6. Your Home Lasts Longer

Eco-friendly materials are sometimes even more durable than we think. Recycled wood and plastic hold up for longer than traditional parts. So, you don’t have to worry about extensive maintenance or upkeep. This perk allows you to save more time and money.

7. The Economy Improves

When you go green, you vow to live a waste-free life — or at least cut down on your waste. It’s impossible to do that completely, so when you do purchase a new item, try to make sure it’s locally sourced. Buy clothes at nearby boutiques and dine at family-owned restaurants. This effort limits the steps it takes to get a product to you, which in turn decreases carbon emissions. It also boosts your local economy.

8. Your Skin Benefits

Every day, we step outside and encounter a host of airborne stressors. Our skin absorbs these elements, and as a result, we may experience health issues. Additionally, many of us use makeup and harsh skincare products. Vegan, eco-friendly alternatives can alleviate problems associated with those stressors. The same goes for natural deodorants and other personal care products.

9. Animals Avoid Extinction

Many of us know single-use plastic causes a lot of problems, especially within the ocean. Animals often bear the brunt of these issues, and as a result, live for shorter periods. But fish aren’t the only ones impacted by climate change. A variety of birds, monkeys, frogs and more have been forced out of their natural environments because we continue to destroy our rainforests. If you avoid shopping from companies that have ties to this destruction, you can help save millions of animals.

10. You’re More Self-Sufficient

For the most part, people who go green are less likely to rely on current systems to thrive. For example, if you make your own clothes, you no longer need to shop at the mall and contribute to the environmental harm fast fashion enables. As a whole, you become more self-sufficient. This aspect empowers individuals.

11. Hydration Is Easier

When you skip out on those plastic water bottles, you can benefit from a reusable alternative. You’re more likely to drink water if it’s around you at all times. So, pick up a container that fits your needs and keep it filled to the brim. Use an app to track your water consumption — in this regard and elsewhere. This way, you’re hydrated and ready to take on the day.

12. You Use Your Creative Side

What comes after “reduce,” and before “recycle?” Reuse! It’s important to understand this step is key. The fundamentals of sustainability require you to make do with what you already own. As a result, you become more creative. You can find new uses for old items and transform your belongings accordingly.

13. The Earth Deserves It

We continually take from the Earth, so it’s time to give back. It’s crucial to make sure we respect and care for the planet so that it continues to exist. This way, humans and animals alike can have a little peace of mind. In other words, the globe deserves our help.

14. You Feel Happier

When you change your actions for the better, your mood reflects that. The same sentiment goes for your environment. As you make alterations to your household and overall lifestyle, you’ll feel more joyful and independent. It’s essential to do good, as it helps others and gives our existence a more definite purpose.

15. Future Generations Will Thrive

It’s necessary to think about the next generation of humans. In 30 years, will today’s children be able to have families of their own? The way we currently live impacts those yet to come. So, if not for any other reason, try to make changes now so that you can benefit others later.

Go Green for These Reasons

To preserve our planet, take note of these reasons to live a more sustainable life. When others ask you, “Why go green?” you’ll have a list of reasons why it matters.

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